Poetry at Sladers Yard

Poetry at Sladers Yard:

Tonight: Graham Fawcett Poetry Talks

Wednesday 13.03.13 Tickets for talk: £10/ £18 with supper

Talk on Geoffrey Chaucer with Actor Sue Aldred

Sladers’ special Medieval menu revealed below!

Book now for Graham Fawcett’s next two poetry talks:

Byron Night Friday 19 April with special Romantic supper

Ovid Thursday 16 May with Seasonal supper

Annie Freud’s Poetry Aloud 2

with award-winning poets Penelope Shuttle and Roddy Lumsden

and new talent Elaine Beckett and Lisa Storm-Olsen

Saturday 23 March 6.30pm Tickets: £8

Book your place at buffet supper party afterwards.

Tonight Sladers’ Special £8 Medieval menu is a choice of:


The Good Huswife’s Handmaide For the Kitchen, 1594

Take Orenges or Lemmons pilled, and cutte them the long way, and if you can keepe

your cloves whole and put them into your best broth of Mutton or Capon with prunes

and currants and three or fowre dates, and when these have beene well sodden put

whole pepper, great mace, a good peece of suger, and some rose water, and either

white or claret Wine, and let all these seeth together a while, & so serve it upon soppes

with your capon.


The English Huswife, Gervase Markham, 1615

Take some cast creame, and seeth some Spinnage in faire water till it be verie soft, then

put it into a Collender, that the water may soake from it: then straine the Spinnage, and

cast the creame together, let there be good plentie of Spinnage: set it upon a chafingdish

of coales, and put to it Sugar and some Butter, and let it boyle a while. Then put it in the

paste, and bake it, and caste blanche powder on it, and so serve it in.


Curye on Inglysch, 15th c.

To make frumente. Tak clene whete & braye yt wel in a morter tyl the holes gon of; sethe it

til it breste in water. Nym it up & lat it cole. Tak good broth & sweet mylk of kyn or of

almand & tempere it therwith. Nym yelkys of eyren rawe & saffroun & cast therto; salt it;

lat it naught boyle after the eyren ben cast therinne. Messe it forth.


The Good Huswifes Jewell, Thomas Dawson, 1596

Take your hearbes and picke them very fine into faire water, and picke your flowers by

themselves, and wash them all cleane, and swing them in a strainer, and when you put

them into a dish, mingle them with Cowcumbers or Lemmans payred and sliced, and

scrape Suger, and put into vineger and Oyle, and throw the flowers on the top of the

Sallet, and of every sorte of the aforesaid thinges, and garnish the dish about with the

foresaide thinges.

Medieval puddings at £3.99 served with clotted cream…


Curye on Inglysch, 15th c.

Tak cheryes & do out the stones & grynde hem wel & draw hem thorw a streynour & do it

in a pot. & do therto whit gres or swete botere & myed wastel bred, & cast therto good

wyn & sugre, & salte it & stere it wel togedere, & dresse it in disches; and set theryn clowe

gilofre, & strewe sugre aboue.


Take youre fruit and cover in a coffyn of paste. Cooke over a hot fire and dresse with new


Who could resist? Some tickets remaining.  Please phone to book.

Sladers Yard

Contemporary British Art, Furniture, Craft.

Licensed Café. Live Art Events

West Bay Road  West Bay  Bridport  Dorset DT6 4EL

T: 01308 459511



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About Sladers Yard

Sladers Yard is an art gallery and cafe in West Bay, Dorset. Our art gallery showcases contemporary British Art, Furniture and Craft whilst the licensed cafe serves fresh, locally produced homecooked food and drinks.
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