Alex Lowery Richard Batterham Petter Southall new show!

Alex Lowery   Richard Batterham   

Petter Southall

Recent paintings, pottery and furniture

22 June to 28 July 2013

Please contact Sladers Yard if you would like an invitation to the celebration drinks.

Alex Lowery’s new paintings are exploratory, taking his distinctive styAlex Lowery West Bay 270le down bold new turnings. He has always had the ability to find the essence of place but now he is presenting his places in new lights. In these paintings his colours are unusual, fresh and spring-like, his angles of view odd and reductive, causing the viewer to pause, look again and see the poetry of his vision. More… and the paintings click here.

Richard Batterham 17. Caddy blue  A major selection of recent pots by this superb craftsman.  Potter Richard Batterham is probably this country’s leading maker of domestic stoneware. He fires his pots with wood ash at his Dorset pottery. His work is functional, human, satisfying and beautiful.  Some pots, he says, ‘call out to me that they are really good ones’ and these are the pots in this show. For information on Richard Batterham and to see the pots click here.

In Time Bench by Petter SouthallPetter Southall works in curves of solid wood, steam bent using boatbuilding techniques combined with immaculate cabinetmaking.  His furniture is made to be used with gentle curved edges and comfortable human dimensions.  His finishes are natural and understated, his designs Scandinavian in their clarity and simplicity.  Made in a workshop that is environmentally aware, using carefully sourced timber, Petter’s furniture is healthy and life-enhancing. Click here for more on Petter Southall.

About Sladers Yard

Sladers Yard is an art gallery and cafe in West Bay, Dorset. Our art gallery showcases contemporary British Art, Furniture and Craft whilst the licensed cafe serves fresh, locally produced homecooked food and drinks.
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