When the Roads Meet: Dan Llywelyn Hall, Svend Bayer, Petter Southall opens 5 July

When the Roads Meet

Dan Llywelyn Hall paintings, Svend Bayer ceramics and Petter Southall furniture

5 July to 7 September 2014

A magnificent show of over fifty recent paintings by one of Britain’s most interesting and talented young painters with internationally acclaimed and collected makers: potter Svend Bayer and furniture maker Petter Southall.

Dan Llywelyn Hall photo Richard BrewisDan Llywelyn Hall was commissioned to paint the Queen by the Welsh Rugby Union and last year she sat for him at Windsor Castle. He was the winner of  The Sunday Times Young Artist of the Year when he was 23, has been shortlisted twice for Welsh Artist of the Year and his portrait of Harry Patch, the WWI war veteran was the promotional image for the BP Portrait Award in 2009.

Dan Llywelyn Hall  Tai Chi on Tenerife 2014 oil on canvas  80 x 90cm £5,900Acclaimed by critics and public alike, Dan Llywelyn Hall’s paintings of place reach like memory for the heart of the moment of being somewhere. Llywelyn Hall’s work is figurative without being descriptive. His intense exploratory use of colour and the physical language of paint, is coupled with a deep knowledge of and affinity to the history of art.

‘He is part of that visionary lineage of painters for whom the world was suffused by the mind of its seer, for whom landscape became an embodiment of human feeling and thought.’ Rachel Campbell Johnston, in her Foreword to the catalogue for this show.

More about Dan Llywelyn Hall…

Svend Bayer‘s latest pots exude vitality from strong forms. The result of a period of experimenting with making celadon glazes from local rocks, they achieve some new and dazzling results.  They will be at Sladers Yard from 5 July to 7 September 2014.

Svend Bayer photo by Chris ChapmanBorn in Uganda to Danish parents, Svend Bayer came to this country when he was 16.  He graduated from Exeter University and joined Wenham Bridge Pottery as student to Michael Cardew. Cardew called him ‘easily my best pupil… his is a force of nature.  Everything comes to him so easily.’  Since then he has worked with tremendous levels of energy, strength and application making the pots which are recognised around the world.

Pictures of Svend Bayer’s new pots (unpacked from the kiln last week) will go up here as soon as they are ready. Please email gallery@sladersyard.co.uk if you would like to be alerted when the pictures go live.

Deco Chair by Petter Southall Award-winning designer craftsman, Petter Southall has been making his distinctive furniture at his studio outside Bridport since 1991. With a highly skilled team of craftsmen and apprentices, he makes his designs by hand using an innovative combination of boat-building and fine cabinet-making techniques.

‘A range of furniture exquisite in its simplicity’  – Paul Atterbury, ‘Antiques of the Future’, BBC Homes & Antiques

petteri tre is Norwegian for in wood. Petter’s designs have a distinctive Scandinavian confidence and simplicity. He finds unique beautiful pieces of oak, ash, elm and other Northern European hardwoods, often using wood sourced from the local area. He specialises in steam bending thick solid boards into the arches, twists, curves and rings so striking in his designs. His work is built to last, using honest through-joinery and as little glue as possible. Finished with natural oils and tactile textures, his furniture is made to be used, bringing pleasure every day to the home, work place or public space.

To see Petter’s furniture currently in stock, please click here. Or here to go straight to Petter’s website.


About Sladers Yard

Sladers Yard is an art gallery and cafe in West Bay, Dorset. Our art gallery showcases contemporary British Art, Furniture and Craft whilst the licensed cafe serves fresh, locally produced homecooked food and drinks.
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2 Responses to When the Roads Meet: Dan Llywelyn Hall, Svend Bayer, Petter Southall opens 5 July

  1. Martin Siebert says:

    Hi All. if you could mail to this address when the pictures of Sven Bayer’s pots are available. thanks a lot, Martin Siebert When I came in June to collect the Batterham pot I was very impresse with you Gallery, if I may say! I hope You will continue in business for many more years….. Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2014 14:05:10 +0000

    • Sladers Yard says:

      Thank you so much for your support and kind comment. Will certainly email when Svend Bayer’s photographs are done and hope you will find his pots as beautiful as we do.
      All best wishes, Anna Powell

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