Bringing sea and land inside….

Thanks Fiona Robinson for a typically sensitive and perceptive review of our beautiful current exhibition…



Alfred Stockham Cliff and Boat, Grey Sky 

Some of my favourite artists are currently exhibiting at Sladers Yard in West Bay in Dorset and I headed off there last week.  It was a cold blustery day and I just had to walk around the harbour first to blow the cobwebs away, listen to screeching seagulls and watch a turbulent sludge grey sea. I love the sea in winter and lacking sun the muted colours exactly suited my mood.  In the gallery it was almost as if the colours had moved inside with me and were reflected back by the sublime, understated, receding hues of Alfred Stockham’s quiet paintings.

Most of Alex Lowery’s 2014 paintings have a stronger palette with abstract shapes of grouped buildings that seem to be holding their breath.  The contemplative isolation of Lake Edge, just one building, a cottage by the water, has that…

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About Sladers Yard

Sladers Yard is an art gallery and cafe in West Bay, Dorset. Our art gallery showcases contemporary British Art, Furniture and Craft whilst the licensed cafe serves fresh, locally produced homecooked food and drinks.
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