Vanessa Gardiner 12. Cliff Wall 35 2015 acrylic on board 91 x 162 cm £6200

Cliff Wall 35 by Vanessa Gardiner  91 x 162cm



Saturday 23 April to Sunday 19 June 2016



Vanessa Gardiner 26. Vertical Coast 11  2015 acrylic on board 123 x 54 cm £4000

Vanessa Gardiner returns to the dramatic slate-black Cornish coast around Boscastle as inspiration for this major show. She has been there many times, both physically and in her mind and paintings.  As a child her parents took her there and read her the wonderful Moments of Vision poems which Thomas Hardy, who fell in love with his first wife Emma on those same cliffs, wrote after her death.  Now Vanessa’s parents are gone too and her paintings have developed in depth and poignancy. Hers is a disciplined art, rigorously truthful, scoured clean of sentimentality, gently and meticulously painted and rubbed back to create paintings that are windows on the soul, opening all of us out to the coastlines, the wild beautiful places and the people we love and have loved.

Vanessa Gardiner trained at Oxford Polytechnic and the Central School of Art and Design in London. Her work is in private collections around the world and in public collections in UK, Ireland and Greece. This is her third solo show at Sladers Yard.

View the exhibition here

Peter Hayes

Everything about Peter Hayes and his work is filled with life and enthusiasm. He has travelled and led projects in Africa, India, Japan and Korea and has embraced into his own practice  many of the ideas and the techniques he has observed in local craftspeople. The history of ceramics has always fascinated him. In Japan he first discovered raku and the Shinto idea of  working with opposites – fire and water, rough and smooth, humble and powerful, ying and yang.  These ideas have shaped his work ever since. Often he builds up layers of rough textured clay and burnishes and polishes some of the surfaces smooth. On his final return to England he settled in Bath, where he has had his studio since 1985.  Recently he has set up a second studio in India where he is able to make in the winter and to include different techniques and materials into his work.  Peter is now one of the leading exponents of his art. He is happy to make to commission and to install outdoor sculpture where possible. This is his second solo show at Sladers Yard.


Friday 20 May 6.30pm. Tickets: £8 or £23 with dinner
Off the cuff stories, jokes and profundities from this most entertaining,
interesting and thought-provoking artist.

Thursday 12 May 6.30pm. Tickets: £10 or £25 with dinner
Thomas Hardy considered himself  primarily a poet who wrote his novels to make a living. Author of some of the loveliest poems in the English language, which Graham Fawcett with read and set in context for us, Hardy’s life is an astonishing rags to riches story set right here in West Dorset.

Saturday 7 May 8pm. Tickets: £15 or £30 with dinner
The sensational Vimala Rowe ‘has the soul of Sarah Vaughan’. A witty wondrous singer with the unforgettable back of Ian Smith on trumpet and his always spectacular band. Read more…

Let us know if you would like to be informed when Peter Hayes’s work goes up online or if you would like an invitation to the opening. View Vanessa Gardiner’s work here.

About Sladers Yard

Sladers Yard is an art gallery and cafe in West Bay, Dorset. Our art gallery showcases contemporary British Art, Furniture and Craft whilst the licensed cafe serves fresh, locally produced homecooked food and drinks.
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