Dream coverage for Tom Hammick

ArtForum Jan 2018 review of Lunar Voyage


Tom Hammick 8. Through Phosphorescent Seas  2016  oil on canvas  137 x 107 cm  54 x 42 in £8500

Through Phosphorescent Seas, 137 x 107 cm

At the same time as putting on his solo show at Sladers Yard, Tom Hammick has curated an exhibition of 60 of his artistic heroes at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne.  Entitled Towards Night, the show has broken all the records for visitor numbers and received rapturous reviews, some of which are attached below.

‘Tom Hammick knows about painting in the night. He works through the night in his studio. Apart from anything else there are not enough hours in the day for Hammick to both teach (at the University of Brighton) and to paint his own luminous canvases. The night is in them, and in him – as proven by the exhibition he has curated across five galleries in the Towner, Eastbourne. Through the work of over 60 artists, he takes us on a personal nocturnal journey.’ (Alistair Hicks, Apollo Magazine, 12 October 2016) Read more…

In the catalogue for Towards Night, Tom Hammick writes, ‘In my own work I often use night as a motif, as a way of pulling out what seems important from the shadow of darkness. I regularly paint through the small hours until dawn, time that feels especially personal.’ Towards Night catalogue by Tom Hammick available from Sladers Yard £2.

Tom Hammick’s solo show Waiting for Time is at Sladers Yard until 30 October. View the exhibition here.

Tom Hammick 2. Past the Narrows  2014  oil on canvas  150 x 200 cm 59 x 79 inches  POA

Tom Hammick  Past the Narrows  150 x 200 cm  oil on canvas

Tom Hammick’s paintings are especially personal, not only to him but to every one of us. They touch on the important stuff that comes to mind at night, whether in dreams or wakefulness.

Tom Hammick 7. Waiting for Time  2016  oil on canvas  107 x 137 cm  42 x 54 in  £8500

Tom Hammick  Waiting for Time  107 x 137 cm  oil on canvas


Fiona Robinson, Evolver October/November

financial-times-tom-hammick-24-september-2016Jackie Wullschlager, Financial Times 24 September 2016


Tom Hammick Night Walk



Rachel Campbell-Johnston  The Times  3 September 2016


Mary Miers  Country Life  7 September 2016

Tom Hammick’s solo show Waiting for Time is at Sladers Yard until 30 October. View the exhibition here.


Dorset Magazine October 2016

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