Alex Lowery new paintings 7 July – 16 September

Alex Lowery


recent paintings

with soda-fired porcelain by Jack Doherty and furniture by Petter Southall

Saturday 7 July until Sunday 16 September 2018

Portland 124 2017 60x130cm oil on canvas

Alex Lowery Portland 124  2017 60 x 130 cm oil on canvas

Over the summer Alex Lowery fills Sladers Yard with his luminous paintings of West Bay, the Chesil beach and Portland. This is his fifth solo show here in the harbour at West Bay that has inspired so much of his work over many years. Alongside the paintings, showing for the first time at Sladers Yard, is the eminent ceramicist Jack Doherty whose timeless porcelain pots are soda-fired and glazed with copper to give  astonishing turquoise colours and beautiful textures.  The furniture of Petter Southall completes the exhibition of sophisticated simple forms in luxurious but minimal colours and textures.

All three artists are masters in their art form.  All three eliminate fuss and unnecessary detail from their work to reach the essence of timeless, intelligent and irresistible pieces.  Using repeating forms whether they are rows of bollards in a painting, or a repeated curved component in a chair or a shape in a row of vessels, creates a strong simple statement in the work of all three.

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