Alex Uxbridge

Waves, Lighthouse Alex Uxbridge: Wave Energy

27 April to 16 June 2013

Artists’ Talk with Janette Kerr PRWA Hon RA: Friday 10 May 6.30pm. Tickets: £8/£20 with supper from Sladers Yard’s acclaimed Licensed Cafe (t: 01308 459511)

WAVE ENERGY brings together two artists who paint the sea from islands off the British Isles. Janette Kerr’s contemporary and experimental paintings of sea and sky off Shetland are the result of a passionate elemental study of wave formation, both through drawing and painting from the rocks right on the edge of the ocean, and through her research project, Extreme Wave Theory, in association with Norwegian oceanographers. Alex Uxbridge’s relationship to the sea is one of childhood memories revisited. He grew up in Plas Newydd, the stately home overlooking the Menai Straits on Anglesey, and often visits his parents who live there still. His paintings have an immediate charm, a pleasure in rural life lived in dramatic scenery, wind and weather, but it is their strong sense of composition, bold brushstrokes, exciting and original use of colour that make them memorable in themselves.

Alex Uxbridge was at Oxford University and has a PhD in International Relations from Sussex University. In the eighties he set up and ran The Poster Shop publishing and retailing fine art posters. He sold that business and went to the Byam Shaw School of Art for Foundation and Diploma, leaving aged 43. He has painted professionally ever since with regular solo shows in London and in Wales. Jan Morris wrote, ‘It is their ambiguity that fascinates me. Fresh their colours certainly do look, sweetly pastoral are the rural scenes, excitingly metropolitan Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square… but I am entangled instead by the strangeness of his subtle art.’


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