Alfred Stockham RCA RWA

Alfred Stockham RCA RWA 

We are delighted to hold stock of Alfred Stockham’s paintings which are available to buy now and can be viewed in the gallery by appointment. Please contact us on  with any enquiries.

Alfred Stockham Garden, Cap Ferrat  oil on canvas  71 x 91cm £18,000
Garden, Cap Ferrat 2004 71 x 91cm

A master of the poetic statement, Alfred Stockham paints small jewel-like paintings. Often they have the simplest of structures and yet they convey an emotional and imaginative force. His use of colour, shape and composition are based on a lifetime of study. Each painting is the result of hours of contemplation and sometimes radical changes to achieve works of extraordinary vision.

Alfred Stockham

Alfred Stockham has had a distinguished career.  Born in London, he loved painting from his earliest years but he followed the family tradition and spent seven years in the Royal Navy before studying at Camberwell School of Art and the Royal College of Art where he was awarded a Silver Medal.   He was a Rome Scholar and Grenada Arts Fellow at the University of York before he arrived in Bristol in 1968 to take up a post as lecturer at Bristol Polytechnic (now the University of the West of England) where he became Head of Fine Art.  He left to devote himself to painting full-time.  Alfred was elected a full member of the Royal West of England Academy in 1993 and was Honorary Curator of the permanent collection of the RWA from 2001 until he retired.  Still painting, his life is constrained now by illness, although he is as witty and perspicacious as ever.  His work is in public collections throughout Britain and Ireland and in private collections worldwide.

‘Over many years, I have gradually refined my approach to 2D design, aware that true greatness lies in simplicity.  My aim is to create an underlying visual dynamic. The poetry of the subject and the poetry of the structure support each other. The real or observed world and the subconscious dream world both play their part to make a painting sing.’ Alfred Stockham

Alfred Stockham Cumberland Basin Bristol 2019 oil on canvas board  20 x 25.5 cm 8x10 in  £2,950
Cumberland Basin Bristol 2019

‘Alfred Stockham’s small landscapes are as haunting as ever.’ John Russell Taylor, The Times, reviewing the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

‘Stockham is an accomplished colourist.  He can make the oil paint glow like an icon by the subtle and judicious handling of tone… His colour can communicate every nuance of the hour or the season.’ Edward Phelps, Art Critic.

Alfred Stockham has shown his paintings regularly at Sladers Yard since 2008 and has played an influential role in helping to shape the character of work shown in the gallery. We are grateful for his ongoing guiding influence.

Alfred Stockham’s paintings can been seen below. They are available to buy now or can be viewed in the gallery by appointment. Please phone 01308 459511 or email with any enquiries. Please click on an image to enlarge it.

12 Responses to Alfred Stockham RCA RWA

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  3. Pete Clarke says:

    Alf was a great, sympathetic and knowledge tutor and cook, making potato soup in his Hotwells house

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  8. Sian Rault Edmondson says:

    Looking forward to the exhibition. He was a wonderful tutor when I attended Bristol Art School in 72′. His works look to be ‘gorgeous’!

    • Sladers Yard says:

      Thanks for your comment. So many people say what a great tutor Alfred was. His work is even more gorgeous face to face! I think it stems from a real knowledge of what one colour and form does to another.

  9. John Greenbank says:

    Stockham sees the world almost in Euclidean forms, with beautiful washes of complementary colours filling out evocative silhouettes.

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  11. john lassey says:

    I was very interested to see theses works and often there sense if geometry i have a nude drawing by A Stockham which i like it also has a geometric feeling.

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