Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird

Finding Pathways

Saturday 4 March to Monday 17 April 2017

with Anne Davies and Petter Southall furniture


Day Return Andrew Bird 76 x 122 cm acrylic on canvas

Artist ANDREW BIRD paints abstracted landscapes, often based on dramatic, rugged and impressive coastal areas or working harbours where the countryside has been shaped by industry.  His paintings are a composite of impressions seen from different angles, including closely viewed textures and implied forms with wide open skies. His clear clean use of colour and expressive mark-making combine in energetic works of clarity and sensitivity.

Time and Tide  Andrew Bird  30.5 x 61 cm  acrylic on board  £900

Time and Tide Andrew Bird 30.5 x 61 cm

Working from sketched impressions and memory, he builds up his paintings over long periods of time. ‘I usually begin making a painting using quite thin colour as transparent layers as I think it really helps to avoid muddiness and to keep everything vibrant and alive. Heavy bodied acrylic is worked over this to define forms, to add texture and to contrast with the transparency.’ Keeping in mind the fleeting moment that was the inspiration for the painting he works instinctively and freely, adding paint and scraping it back, using all kinds of implements to make his marks or allowing his paint to run down the board and partly reveal colours from underneath.


Ashore Andrew Bird 76 x 76 cm acrylic on canvas

Andrew Bird lives in Derbyshire but often visits the west country.  He studied Graphic Design at Sheffield and later Fine Art at Bradford.  He has worked as a garden designer and has a keen sense of thinking in three and two dimensions simultaneously.  His compositions are unusual and captivating while his paintings express a wonderful sense of space. Andrew has shown his work regularly in Cornwall, Norfolk, Derbyshire and in Bournemouth.  This is his first exhibition at Sladers Yard.


Andrew Bird’s paintings are shown below.  Please do click on one of the images to see them enlarged with captions and prices. To enquire about a painting please call 44 (0)1308 459511, email or reply at the bottom of this page.

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