Andrew George

Andrew George

Painter Andrew George works in egg tempera to create his finely observed paintings. His paintings capture the intangible moment.  He shows at Sladers Yard in DORSET NOW from 3 May to 29 June.  Some of Andrew George’s new paintings are below:

Andrew trained at Edinburgh College of Art before moving to Somerset in the 1980s. He works predominantly in egg tempera and has become a modern master of the medium. He has exhibited regularly in the west country and is represented in the Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation.

His subtle, pared down paintings impart the atmosphere of being in the wide remote places he paints, whether they are the Dorset cliffs, Scottish mountains, Cornish beaches or valleys and hills in the Mendips near where he lives outside Bath.  He works with delicacy and assurance, giving astonishing detail of trees and rocks in pictures of spare and fascinating composition.

A high realist style is characteristic of the work of artists who use egg tempera. The medium only allows the application of small amounts of pigment at any one time, building in layers of fine brush strokes over the traditional gesso ground. As with the paintings of the renaissance artists who used this medium, egg tempera produces a rare luminosity.

Andrew George is adept in using this medium. On first impression his paintings are finely detailed – they are incredibly well observed, often with each blade of grass given perfect realisation; and yet on closer inspection one notices passages of paint which are almost abstract, where the detail is more impressionistically suggested. Multiple perspectives lead the eye to a combination of vanishing points that provide a wonderful sense of space and distance.

Andrew seeks the sublime in a landscape; many are rugged and windswept. The uncomfortable feeling of standing too close to a cliff edge, or the barren quality of a hillside moor, give the paintings an exciting visual edge.

Andrew was born in 1952. He attended Edinburgh College of Art 1970 – 74 and has hadexhibited widely throughout the UK. His work is in collections at Fleming- Wyfold Art Foundation, London, Dorsey & Whitney, London, The Leicestershire Collection and The Sherrier Centre, Lutterworth.


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