Anne Davies

Anne Davies

28 January until 4 March 2018

Anne Davies’ first show at Sladers Yard, a two-man show with Andrew Bird, was in the spring of 2017. The paintings shown below are available to view at the gallery or buy online now. Please do let us know if you would like to come and see them or if you would like a notification when her new work goes up online.

ANNE DAVIES uses memory and imagination to make small paintings that evoke the spirit of place. Rows of workers’ cottages in beautiful hilly landscapes whether west country or the north of England, and more recently the Docklands of London, it is the landscapes of the Industrial revolution that draw her interest. She loves the idea of walking around in a picture rather like a map, discovering the different aspects of place.


Anne Davies The Orchard  18 x 25 cm

Working on very smooth gessoed boards she paints blocks of colour in acrylic on a raw sienna base and then works them back, drawing into them with pencil, with a freedom of mark-making and a flair for pattern and composition. She has a strong understanding of colour, her palette tends to consist of muted greens, blues and yellows with sparks of pink and orange. A good deal of white creates feelings of space and light.

London's Lost Rivers  Anne Davies 12 x 25 cm  £300

London’s Lost Rivers Anne Davies 12 x 25 cm

She draws every day, working in sketchbooks where she can be completely free, and then paints from the drawings and from photographs she has taken while out in the landscape. Her small beautifully detailed pictures draw one in to marvel at the textures and traces of underpainting that just show through forming wonderful passages of colour and interesting lines.

Morning Walk I  Anne Davies  13 x 28 cm  £300

Morning Walk  Anne Davies 13 x 28 cm

Anne Davies was born in Lancashire and grew up in the Derbyshire Peak District.  After studying fine art at Newcastle University, she worked on art projects with adults and children with special needs. She now lives in London where she focuses on painting and exhibiting her work, showing mainly in St Ives, London and Norfolk.  This is her first exhibition at Sladers Yard.

Anne Davies’ paintings are shown below. Please do click on one of the images to see them enlarged with captions and prices.  Please call 01308 459511, email or reply at the bottom of this page to enquire about a painting.



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