Artists’ Talk with Frances Hatch and Jan Walker Friday 8 May

ARTISTS’ TALK with Frances Hatch and Jan Walker

Friday 8 May, 6.30pm

Tickets: £10 or £25 with buffet dinner to follow.

Earth and Rock artists Frances Hatch and Jan Walker discuss their very different approaches to working with and about the wild coastal regions that excite them.

Frances Hatch working near SwanageFRANCES HATCH developed her plein air practice – not only to make work outdoors but to involve the materials she finds around her in the landscape, collecting earth, rocks, minerals and litter to use as her palette. Wild fruit juices, puddle mud and raindrops bespeckle her sketchbooks. Armed simply with paper and a portable toolkit containing some gouache, watercolour or acrylic paint and a binding medium, Frances heads off to beaches and headlands in Dorset, Devon and the North West Highlands of Scotland to create her response to the time she spends in these wild places using materials she finds there.

jan WalkerJAN WALKER paints full time from her studio in Weymouth, responding to and excited by the Dorset coastline. Like her subject matter, Jan’s paintings develop slowly, forming an exciting journey of discovery for her as parts of the under-painting are revealed and re-worked and the painting gradually emerges and develops. She works in layers, adding the paint then working it back, scraping, and gouging it away mostly with palette knives. Her working practice echoes the real processes of weathering and erosion which fascinate and motivate her. In addition she has a great visual interest in patterns and cracks and how they are repeated in nature in all different ways and at different scales. The complexity of time and history is evident in the finished surface of the paintings, creating a most striking tension in her work.

Please phone 01308 459511 to book your tickets.


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