Boo Mallinson

Boo Mallinson

RADIANCE: contemporary painters of light

13 September to 12 October 2014

Artist Boo Mallinson is inspired by her Dorset surroundings and her love of the landscape. She responds to memories, experiences and observations of the natural world. Her paintings are a joyous expression of the interaction between sea, land and light. Boo Mallinson’s next show is RADIANCE: contemporary painters of light.


Boo Mallinson Coast, 55cm x 25cm, mixed media on canvas

Boo Mallinson’s available work is shown below.  Please click on an image to see them all in enlarged format.  Please call Sladers Yard on 01308 459511 or email if you would like to buy or view one of Boo Mallinson’s paintings.

Boo Mallinson studied Fine Art at the Byam Shaw School of Art and City & Guilds School of Art in London and moved to Dorset twelve years ago. Her paintings act as a visual diary of her everyday walks and journeys through the landscape, inviting others to share her experiences through her gentle abstract marks. Boo works in a number of mediums including, oil, acrylic, charcoal, ink and pastel.  Paintings vary in size from large canvases to smaller, more intimate works on paper.

Boo Mallinson  Through the Mist I   mixed media on canvas 80 x 120cm £1,800

Charcoal drawings form the starting point of her paintings and once back in the studio the work develops in an organic, intuitive way.  Some paintings remain close to their origins hinting at a place visited or remembered.  These paintings are often smaller and more gestural, translating an idea quickly and embracing chance and accident.  Others evolve slowly, allowing time to develop ambiguous images from the landscape into new, simplified compositions. Thin washes of paint ooze and drip and are combined with thicker layers to build up a distinctive and appealing surface. Fired with a brightness and confidence, her work has a light touch and spaciousness that is both exciting and unusual. Using shape, line, colour and above all light, she allows the viewer the freedom to put their own interpretation into the painting.

Over the last ten years, she has shown widely in Dorset, Cornwall, Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham, Sheffield and London. Her work is in private collections all over the world. Her debut at Sladers Yard was in the highly praised Dorset Now exhibition in the spring.



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