Daisy Cook and Tim Nicholson 25 July to 13 September 2015

Daisy Cook

recent paintings

Tim Nicholson

first showing of paintings from a lifetime

Petter Southall


25 July to 13 September 2015

All work can be viewed online and is available to buy now. Please follow links to Daisy CookTim Nicholson or Petter Southall

Illustrated catalogues are available. Daisy Cook with a foreword by Elizabeth Cook £7 plus £1.20 p&p

Tim Nicholson with a foreword by Vivienne Light £10 plus £1.40 p&p

Daisy Cook_Lowland

Daisy Cook Lowland oil on canvas 110 x 153 cm

Daisy Cook and Tim Nicholson both paint in ways that play with perception. Whether consciously or subconsciously they take their subject matter and distill it so that, in the words of Hans Hoffman, ‘only the necessary speaks’. Both have a thrilling sense of colour. When Daisy started painting her work was ‘exuberantly, almost decoratively, colourful’ according to her aunt, the poet Elizabeth Cook who has written the foreword to Daisy’s catalogue. However with time, Daisy has pared back her style to a very much more gentle palette of earth colours that suggest light, mood and landscape. Tim Nicholson reaches naturally for the bright and clear, yet as Vivienne Light says in her foreword to his catalogue, his summer’s day is usually one ‘when dappled shadows are cast: soft, intricate lace shadows; striped, stippled, spotted. Less frequently the light is subdued and there are ice-grey gentle musk-dawn colours.’

Both Daisy Cook and Tim Nicholson come from very well known families. Daisy’s father Peter Cook is one of the founding fathers of contemporary comedy, while the Nicholson family is one of the great dynasties of the art world. The difference, and there are many between the two, is that Daisy has felt her way into her own voice and expression of a very contemporary consciousness while Tim seems to have absorbed the many eminent influences of his upbringing and poured them forth in a joyful stream of playful paintings, the earliest of which in this show was painted aged 9. Now in his seventies and happily married, he is still painting with the same joie de vivre.

The paintings in the exhibition are now available to view. Please follow links to the artists’ pages: Daisy Cook  and  Tim Nicholson

2010.02 Tim Nicholson Jug 4 RET

Tim Nicholson Jug 4 acrylic on paper 22.5 x 28 cm

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