Dan Llywelyn Hall solo show

Dan Llywelyn Hall: When the Roads Meet

Svend Bayer ceramics and Petter Southall furniture

5 July to 7 September 2014

All the paintings in the exhibition are shown below with details. A 42pp full colour catalogue of Dan Llywelyn Hall’s paintings with a foreword by Rachel Campbell Johnston, Art Critic, The Times, is available to buy at £8 plus p&p or download.

Dan Llywelyn Hall photo Richard BrewisA magnificent show of over fifty recent paintings by one of Britain’s most interesting and talented young painters with internationally acclaimed potter Svend Bayer and furniture maker Petter Southall.


Llywelyn Hall was the youngest artist ever to be commissioned to paint the Queen who sat for him at Windsor Castle for the Welsh Rugby Union.  Recently his portrait of the Duke of Cambridge was unveiled by the Secretary of State for Wales in Whitehall.  It will be auctioned at the First World War Centenary Sale at Bonhams in 1 October with all proceeds going to The Victoria Cross Trust and War Memorials Trust. more information and image.

Dan Llywelyn Hall  Tai Chi on Tenerife 2014 oil on canvas  80 x 90cm  SOLDAcclaimed by critics and public alike, Dan Llywelyn Hall’s paintings of place reach like memory for the heart of the moment of being somewhere. Llywelyn Hall’s work is figurative without being descriptive. His intense exploratory use of colour and the physical language of paint, is coupled with a deep knowledge of and affinity to the history of art. ‘The Neo-Romantics worked in a period which I think was honest. They were charged with a sense of place, and that great lineage through from Samuel Palmer to Sutherland. That interests me. I feel as though I’m more at home in that milieu.’

‘He is part of that visionary lineage of painters for whom the world was suffused by the mind of its seer, for whom landscape became an embodiment of human feeling and thought.  It was this spirit of immanence which such British artists as Turner and Constable were aiming to capture; which their succession of followers from Samuel Palmer through John Piper and Graham Sutherland to Paul Nash all set out to evoke.  Rachel Campbell Johnston, Art Critic, The Times, in her Foreword to the catalogue for this show.

Dan Llywelyn Hall Study for Power and Progress 2010 oil on canvas 50.5 x 40.5cm £2,100Born in 1980, Llywelyn Hall lives in the age of global warming, pollution and development. The spirit of place he evokes powerfully in his freely painted visionary works, is being attacked on all sides and he makes it feel all the more vital as a result.

Dan Llywelyn Hall Return to the Black Mountains 2014 oil on canvas 65 x 75cm £3,200‘Figurative painting is inextricably linked to craft and the ability to tap into the alchemy of handling paint. This is where the pleasure and indulgence really grip me and bring me back for more. There are few things in life that seem so meaningful as when the right colour and texture of paint speak clearly and set the tone for a certain feeling, giving rise to an emotional response. The internet is one of the greatest vehicles for accessing an appreciative audience, but it’s always in the immediate vicinity of a painting that the magic takes place. This is one of the most comforting constancies of looking at good paintings.’ Dan Llywelyn Hall

Dan Llywelyn Hall  2014 Another Night CafeBased in London, Llywelyn Hall paints all over the world, often following the steps of someone he admires, a painter or a writer, rediscovering somewhere he has explored in that person’s work.  ‘I suppose I’m curious about the commonality of experience and how it validates the work by going to a place and experiencing it for yourself… The place in some ways is irrelevant. It’s a starting point, and it only becomes relevant when the work I’m doing is realized… what takes over is memory and some sort of emotive reaction.’

Using layers of paint, thin washes and thick impasto, sometimes he controls the paint and other times lets it drip and move freely creating a great variety of textures in his work combined with subtle and unusual colour combinations. The work his highly layered, revealing more and more with time.

‘He paints with an expressive vigour and energy that lifts his best work beyond the descriptive and symbolic into a world of thoroughly realized and imagined forms.’ (Andrew Lambirth, A Critic’s Choice catalogue, Browse & Darby 2010)

Portrait of The Duke of Cambridge entitled ‘Fatherhood’ by Dan Llywelyn Hall 2014. Painted looking up at the artist’s portrait of The Queen.

Dan Llywelyn Hall was born in Cardiff.  He has exhibited widely, including the National Portrait Gallery, the National Museum of Wales, the Saatchi Gallery and Windsor Castle and has work in the permanent collections of HM The Queen, the Imperial War Museum, the National Gallery of Wales,  the Museum of Modern Art Wales, the House of Lords, the National Library of Wales, Newport Museum & Gallery, BT’s corporate Collection, Barclay’s corporate collection, Tenby Museum & Gallery and private collections worldwide.

 ‘I think you’ve got to be very brave if you’re going to make something that is heartfelt and meaningful, you’ve got to be prepared to put yourself on the line. That’s absolutely essential.’ Dan Llywelyn Hall

The paintings in the exhibition are below. Click on an image to expand it, see details about it and to see all the images as a slideshow.  To buy a Dan Llywelyn Hall painting please call Sladers Yard on 01308 459511 or email gallery@sladersyard.co.uk.

Selected press:

Review for When the Roads Meet in the Spectator 23 August 2014: Futurism’s Escape to the Country by Andrew Lambirth

Dan Llywelyn Hall’s portrait of Harry Patch ‘the last Tommy’ used as image for BP Portrait Award at the Royal Portrait Gallery London: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys7WKRcv-2k


Dan Llywelyn Hall Camaraderie at Water's Edge 2013 oil on canvas 80 x 90cm £4,200



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