David O’Connor

DAVID O’CONNOR paintings and sculpture

David O’Connor’s paintings combine multiple points of view, memory and history to find pattern and abstraction within the soft colours of the Wessex landscape. His sculptures and drawings revolve around boats inspired by Iron Age boat sculptures, myth, poetry, astronomy and cartography. The David O’Connor paintings we have available are shown below. His sculpture is currently on show in the gallery.

David O’Connor was born in the Wirral in 1959, one of nine brothers. Influenced by John Sell Cotman and inspired by Paul Nash, David O’Connor studied art in Sunderland and the Slade School of Art, London. He was always very talented technically, carving and constructing in stone, metal and wood, as well as producing ambitious performance pieces, but for David O’Connor ideas dictate the form of his artworks. ‘What we do as artists is remind people by alluding to the sublime nature of our existence. The work is poetry not prose. The boats are emblems for the self. The form of the boat is idealised and condensed much like mediaeval illustration where scale and form are manipulated to tell the story rather than merely represent.’

David O'Connor  Walking Up  2014  84 x 60 cm  acrylic on canvas  £1,700

O’Connor describes his paintings as ‘direct and intuitive.’ His use of colour is fresh and original and his mark-making holds great appeal. He is also fascinated by mapmaking and the dichotomy between the changing and the timeless nature of landscape.

‘In landscapes particularly places like Wiltshire I feel a strong sense of history, walking the same soil and looking at the same sun and moon as the people who built Stonehenge. The paintings are an attempt to combine topographical information with an awareness of pattern and abstraction within Wessex landscapes. Fragments of memories of place and layered points of view are combined in single images.’ David O’Connor

Many collections have bought his work including Unilever, numerous hospital collections, Marlborough College, Allied International Ltd, Roundstone International, Delaney Fletcher Delaney, Jacob Blacker Architects, Handmade Maps and Lady Gibberd.

‘Aesthetic and intellectual gratification go hand in hand, and indeed this has become one of the hallmarks of David O’Connor’s art.’ Jonathan Benington, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath.

David O’Connor’s available paintings are shown below.  Hover over an image to see its caption or click on it to see a larger image in a slide show with captions. Please call 01308 459511 or email gallery@sladersyard.co.uk to enquire about one of David O’Connor’s paintings.

Sladers Yard has continued to stock and sell his boat sculptures since we first showed them in 2012. These are poetic small works inspired by Iron Age boat sculptures, myth and memory… Examples of the boats we have in stock are shown below. Please email gallery@sladersyard.co.uk or phone 01308 459511 if you would like to find out more.

David O'Connor

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