Dream Visions: Alfred Stockham ARCA and his circle until 28 February


paintings by Alfred Stockham ARCADavid Inshaw, Simon Garden, Stewart Geddes, Stephen Jacobson and George Tute

Saturday 7 November 2015 – Sunday 28 February 2016

ALFRED STOCKHAM is a master of colour and composition.  His work is in public collections throughout the UK and in private collections worldwide. His next exhibition will be DREAM VISIONS showing his work alongside that of his circle of artist friends and colleagues each of whom acknowledges his influence and inspiration in their work.

Please follow links above to see each artist’s page.

Alfred StockhamAlfred the Great Inspirer!

Film and talk

Friday 29 January 7pm

The new film made by Stephen Jacobson and Alex Kirby about the life and work of Alfred Stockham with an introduction by Stephen Jacobson and Alfred Stockham.

Tickets: £10 or £25 with buffet celebration dinner afterwards

Intensely poetic, Alfred Stockham’s small jewel-like paintings often have the simplest of structures and yet they convey an emotional and imaginative force that only grows stronger with time. His use of colour, shape and composition are based on a lifetime of study. Each painting is the result of hours of contemplation and often radical changes to achieve works of extraordinary vision.

‘Stockham is an accomplished colourist.  He can make the oil paint glow like an icon by the subtle and judicious handling of tone… His colour can communicate every nuance of the hour or the season.’ Edward Phelps, Art Critic

Alfred Stockham Italian House and Tree 5 x 7 inches

Alfred Stockham Italian House and Tree 5 x 7 inches 12.5 x 18cm

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David Inshaw Allegory I 60 x 60 inches 152.5 x 152.5 cm

More David Inshaw paintings…

Simon Garden Pointing Practice 92 x 122cm

Simon Garden Pointing Practice 92 x 122cm

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Reminders by George Tute

George Tute Reminders 76 x 100cm

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Transporter and Tug by Stephen Jacobson

Stephen Jacobson Transporter and Tug 55 x 70cm

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Stewart Geddes Minto

Stewart Geddes Minto 30 x 39cm

More Stewart Geddes paintings…

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