EFFRA super-talented instrumental contemporary folk music Saturday 28 November


Saturday 28 November 8pm

Tickets: £10/£25 with supper before

Book now on 01308 459511

“Stylish, high-energy brand of folk-minimalist music” – fRoots

“An immersive, trance-like musical treat.” – Songlines

“Striking instrumental folk.” – The Independent

“A trio of the highest order that, despite their young age, sound like they have always sat comfortably among the greatest of the folk scene.” – Bath Folk Festival

“Many people use the classic folk line-up of fiddle, squeezebox
and guitar but few make it sparkle like this great new trio from
London whose clever contemporary take on roots music even
has echoes of our own dear Spiro at times.”  – The Canteen, Bristol

Effra poster webEffra are Alex Bishop (guitar), Tom Newell (fiddle, mandolin) and Aidan Shepherd (accordian). Although coming from rock, classical and jazz backgrounds, when they met in 2011 a strong connection quickly formed and they began to write and develop music that shared a common ground. The resulting lyrical performances find these three exceptional musicians winding round each other’s sound and rhythm in works that bring folk music bang up to date.

In 2012 the band won the Bath Folk Festival ʻNew Shoots Competitionʼ on the strength of their compositions and high energy performance. In 2013 they toured the UK promoting their self-titled EP. In 2014, Effraʼs debut album ʻLose An Hourʼ was released with an extensive tour of their live show appearing at some of the biggest festivals including Cambridge Folk Festival.


Effra 2 copy

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