Emma Stibbon RA

Emma Stibbon RA

RADIANCE explorations of light

5 November to 22 January 2017

Emma Stibbon studied at Portsmouth College of Art, Goldsmith College and the University of the West of England. She is currently Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Brighton. An award winning artist with an international reputation, she has held several residencies, including the Derek Hill Scholarship at the British School in Rome (2010). She participated in the Arctic Circle 2013, an art and science expedition to the Arctic Circle.

Most of pieces she is exhibiting in Radiance focus on her response to visits made in 2013 to the Antarctic Peninsula (through an artist’s placement organised by the Scott Polar Research Institute and the Royal Navy), and Svalbard in the High Arctic (an expedition organised by the ArcticCircle.org). Significant retreat has now been observed in the ice sheets and glaciers of the Arctic and the Antarctic Peninsula. Being able to witness these vast, icy expanses provoked her to consider the beauty and ultimate frailty of the polar regions. Her series of intaglio prints looks at the complex physical shapes of the ice, and the landscape below, suggesting a feeling of reverie and introspection.

Emma Stibbon RA  Sea mist Svalbard

Drawing is at the heart of Emma’s practice and she has travelled widely, recording her responses to the physical appearance and psychological impact of natural and built environments. Working from sketches and photographic records, Emma creates stark, monochrome, often large-scale works on paper. Romantic in character, they dramatise the effects of human intervention and natural phenomena on monumental structures and explore the fragility of existence.

She has works in public and private collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Scott Polar Research Institute, the University of Cambridge and the Stadtmuseum, Berlin.


In 2012 Emma took part in Sladers Yard’s Romantic Landscapes exhibition.  Here is the statement she wrote for a discussion evening held during that show.

To read more about Emma Stibbon RA and watch a short video including footage of the ice caps and her sketchbooks please click here.

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