Fred Cuming RA Michael Fairclough Rachel Fenner

Jeremy Gardiner David Inshaw Alfred Stockham

Petter Southall furniture

Franny Owen ceramics Lynne Strover jewellery

Gifts and accessories by leading artists and designers.

16 November 2019 until 12 January 2020

When the nights are at their longest, paintings of light shine especially brightly. Radiance brings together six artists who recreate light in their work. Two, Fred Cuming RA and Michael Fairclough, paint extraordinarily brilliant skies and water. Two, Jeremy Gardiner and Rachel Fenner, concertina time by painting light effects on coastal geology. And two are very old friends: David Inshaw, whose sunsets, bonfires, slanting light and lightning electrify his pictures, and Alfred Stockham, whose paintings both abstract and more figurative glow with glorious colour.
In addition to original paintings, we have new prints by David Inshaw, Jeremy Gardiner and Rachel Fenner. We introduce two new makers to Sladers Yard, ceramicist Franny Owen and jeweller Lynne Strover, both of whom have come late to their craft with clear ideas of what they want to achieve and exceptional ability to make beautiful things.
Petter Southall shows new large scale steam-bent garden rooms in similar curves to his sculptural Wave, alongside his exquisite furniture.

Please follow links above to see the work of each individual artist.

Michael Fairclough 7. Sea Passage – Dusk IX
oil on panel 61 x 76 cm

Alfred Stockham ARCA RWA Garden, Cap Ferrat
oil on canvas 71 x 91 cm framed

David Inshaw Garden 51 x 51 cm

Rachel Fenner 7. Turbulent Sea and Cliffs 36 x 48 cm

Fred Cuming RA View from Balcony, Fowey Study I 51 x 51 cm

Jeremy Gardiner 3. Seatown Beach III

Franny Owen Porcelain bowl and vase

Lynne Strover 2. Five Silver Triangles with Sunstone Rondelles 52cm

Petter Southall The Wave steam-bent pavilion



Martyn Brewster Daisy Cook Brian Graham

Paul Wearing ceramics

Petter Southall furniture

Saturday 18 January until Sunday 1 March 2020

If you would like an invitation to the opening and a notification when the work in the show is available to view and buy online, please contact us on gallery@sladersyard.co.uk

Daisy Cook Autumn Woodland I 40 x 50 cm oil on board
Daisy Cook Autumn Woodland II 40 x 50 cm oil on board

Brian Graham Birch and Ash 

Brian Graham Sudden Deluge 76 x 61cm mixed media on canvas

Martyn Brewster Windswept Coast acrylic on canvas 90 x 110cm

Martyn Brewster The Green Fuse 110 x 90 cm acrylic with collage on canvas

Paul Wearing Ellipse 2 H13 x W29 x D17 cm £450

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