From Dorset with Love

Recent paintings by Julian Bailey, Martyn Brewster, Vanessa Gardiner, Anthony Garratt, Frances Hatch and Alex Lowery with sculpture by Clare Trenchard and woodcarvings by David West.

Petter Southall FurniturePod and Wave



Recent works by Mike Dodd, Akiko Hirai, Franny Owen, Adela Powell & Paul Wearing

Browse and buy ceramics. We will ship them to you. We are pleased to hold a selection of work by each artist.

Online selling exhibition SHOWING NOW! Open to visit from 17 June. See opening times.

Please follow the links above or click on the pictures to see each artist’s work.

Julian Bailey Leaving Ridge oil 36 x 34 inchesn 91.5 x 86cm £9,000
Alex Lowery West Bay 312 40 x 90 cm £3,250
Vanessa Gardiner Headlands 51 x 91 cm £4,000
Martyn Brewster Winter Garden 4 90 x 90 cm £6,000
Frances Hatch Evening Exchange, Dungy Head, Lulworth 111 x 150 cm £4,500

Anthony Garratt Escape Room 150 x 150 cm £5,800
David West Low Tide in carved and painted spalted birch 22 x 79 cm £3,000

The Pod Garden Room, a steam-bent eco-pod with space for a double bed, desk, log burner and chair, available now ready to be finished and installed exactly as you want it. More info…

Petter Southall The Wave steam-bent pavilion
Petter Southall Fireside Chair in solid English oak 4,750

Clare Trenchard bronze dogs: Rafi, Toby, Teal and Sabre approx 14cm high Bronze £1,100, bronze resin £350

Paul Wearing 7. Ellipse Vessel H13.5 x W30 x D17cm stoneware, multiple oxidised slips and glazes £450
Adela Powell 55. Large Shell Form H13 x W46 x D36 cm £750


David Inshaw recent paintings

Please let us know if you would like a notification when David Inshaw’s paintings are available to view online and an invitation to the exhibition and any events that are allowed to go ahead by emailing us on gallery@sladersyard.co.uk

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