Igniting Sight

contemporary artists inspired by JMW Turner

Fred Cuming RA Luke Elwes Vanessa Gardiner Frances Hatch Janette Kerr PPRWA RSA Hon Alex Lowery

Richard Batterham pottery

Petter Southall furniture

Saturday 6 July until Sunday 8 September 2019

Alex Lowery West Bay 309 45 x 100 cm

Contact us on gallery@sladersyard.co.uk / t: +44(0)1308 459511 to enquire about any of the artworks in the exhibition. Follow the links above to see the exhibition page and each individual artist’s work.



Collages,drawings and sculpture

Saturday 14 September to Sunday 10 November 2019

We are delighted to announce a new exhibition for the acclaimed collage artist and sculptor Marzia Colonna. More…

Please contact us on gallery@sladersyard.co.uk if you would like a notification when the work in the exhibition becomes available to view online and an invitation to the opening.

Marzia Colonna Walking at West Bay collage 60 x 100cm

Marzia Colonna Iris and Peonies 60 x 60cm

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