After Eighties:

Fred Cuming RA

Alfred Stockham RCA RWA

Robin Rae RCA

Richard Batterham pottery

17 November 2018 – 20 January 2019

Please follow links above to see each artist’s work and read more about them.

The Window Fowey Harbour 24x20cm £10450

Fred Cuming RA The Window, Fowey Harbour  24 x 20 cm

In loving celebration of four masters of their art, all well over 80 years old, and all still working, After Eighties shows paintings by Fred Cuming RA (b 1930), Alfred Stockham (b 1933) Robin Rae (b 1928) and pottery by Richard Batterham (b 1936).

Alfred Stockham Abstract 1 2015 41 x 51 cm collage and oil on board £4500

Alfred Stockham RWA RCA Abstract 1 2015 41 x 51 cm collage and oil on board

The three painters were all born in London and all studied at the RCA. All three enjoyed considerable early success and went on to teach in art schools, Alfred Stockham in Bristol where he became Head of Fine Art, Robin Rae in Liverpool in the sixties and Fred Cuming consecutively at Harrow School of Art then part-time at Maidstone (and Rochester); Walthamstow (1958 – 60); Hornsey (1960 – 65); Leicester (1976) and Farnham (1978 – 83).

Robin Rae Afternoon Visit 2018 76 x 61 cm 30 x 24 inches oil on canvas

Robin Rae  Afternoon Visit 2018 76 x 61 cm 30 x 24 inches oil on canvas

Fred Cuming says he has been painting in much the same style all his life.  Alfred Stockham has always painted both abstract and figurative paintings in glowing colours. Robin Rae, who will turn ninety during the course of the exhibition, has passed through different stages and styles in his life, from his Modern British beginnings through pop art, sculpture and screen printing back to the edgy surreal pictures he has been painting since 1987.

RB754 Large Rim Tazza 14.5 x 36.5 cm

Richard Batterham pottery 

Richard Batterham is generally acknowledged to be the finest living domestic stoneware potter in the world. His understated beautiful pots seem full of warmth and heart and that is what he pours into his work, and has done for years, pushing to perfect his technique in every stage of the making process. Read more and view pots…

Fred Cuming’s work expresses fleeting impressions the moods and atmosphere generated by landscape, still life and interiors. He often paints the coast of the south of England, around Rye where he lives but also Cornwall. For a number of years he had a cottage near Bridport and has many friends and fond memories of this area. Read more…

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