Alfred Stockham Broads Dream 2005 oil on canvas board 10x12ins 25.5×30.5cm £3,950


Colour and Light

Recent paintings by Julian BaileyMichael FaircloughAlex LoweryAlfred Stockham RCA RWA, furniture by Petter Southall, and ceramics, textiles, gifts and accessories by leading artists, designers and makers

Saturday 14 November – Sunday 29 January 2021

Please follow links above to read about the exhibition as a whole or to see each artist’s work.

Alex Lowery Estuary, N Devon 2020 oil on canvas 30 x 70 cm £2,250
Michael Fairclough 1. The Channel IX oil on panel 42×56.5cm £3,500
Julian Bailey Kouloura Bay, Corfu 25.5 x 28 cm £1,800

Petter Southall FurniturePod and Wave

The Pod Garden Room, a steam-bent eco-pod with space for a double bed, desk, log burner and chair, available now ready to be finished and installed exactly as you want it. More info…

Petter Southall The Wave steam-bent pavilion
Petter Southall Fireside Chair in solid English oak £4,750 Enquire



Recent works by Peter Hayes, Mike Dodd, Franny Owen, Adela Powell & Paul Wearing

Browse and buy ceramics. We will ship them to you. We are pleased to hold a selection of work by each artist.

Peter Hayes 10. Red Bow 58.5 x 38 cm ceramic £1,800

Paul Wearing 7. Ellipse Vessel H13.5 x W30 x D17cm stoneware, multiple oxidised slips and glazes £450
Adela Powell 62. Large Shell Form H16 x W49 x D39cm £950


Clare Trenchard bronze dogs: Rafi, Toby, Teal and Sabre approx 14cm high Bronze £1,100, bronze resin £350


In the Mind’s Eye

David Atkins

Rachel Fenner

Paul Jones

Saturday 30 January – Saturday 13 March 2021

In the mind’s eye, memory and imagination hold sway. We perceive the world through the cipher of our human senses, via the changing direction and nature of our attention, in minds that are influenced by moods, memories and sensations. Everything, you might deduce, is unreliable and individual. However, good artists are able to reach our minds’ eyes directly, startling us with a common perception, a common humanity. The three artists in this exhibition all paint landscape in very different ways, each reaching for different areas of perception… continued

David Atkins The Sea and Sky oil on canvas 80 x 90 cm £5,750 Enquire
Rachel Fenner Coed Ty-canol VII gouache on paper 30 x 45cm £900 Enquire
Paul Jones Clear View 50 x 75 cm acrylic and mixed media on board £1,100 Enquire

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