David Inshaw

prints & drawings: Dorset and Wiltshire Stories

Adela Powell recent ceramics

20 March – 8 May 2021

Please let us know if you would like a notification when Adela Powell’s work is available to view and buy online.

View David Inshaw Prints and drawings

Petter Southall FurniturePod and Wave

The Pod Garden Room, a steam-bent eco-pod with space for a double bed, desk, log burner and chair, available now ready to be finished and installed exactly as you want it. More info…

Petter Southall The Wave steam-bent pavilion
Petter Southall Fireside Chair in solid English oak £4,750 Enquire



Recent works by Mike Dodd, Peter Hayes, Franny Owen & Paul Wearing

Browse and buy ceramics. We will ship them to you. We are pleased to hold a selection of work by each artist.

Mike Dodd 45. Small Baking Dish H7.5 x W26cm £70.50 Enquire
Peter Hayes 10. Red Bow 58.5 x 38 cm ceramic £1,800

Paul Wearing 7. Ellipse Vessel H13.5 x W30 x D17cm stoneware, multiple oxidised slips and glazes £450


Clare Trenchard bronze dogs: Rafi, Toby, Teal and Sabre approx 14cm high Bronze £1,100, bronze resin £350


The Sea, the Sea

recent paintings by

Anthony Garratt Frances Hatch Janette Kerr Nicholas Jones

15 May – 10 July 2021

Nicholas Jones Twilight Estuary, Kangerlussuaq, Western Greenland acrylic on canvas 76.5 x 91.5cm

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