Of Myths and Moons: Frances Hatch, Akiko Hirai, Clare Trenchard 24 June – 3 September 2017

Of Myths and Moons

Clare Trenchard sculpture and drawings

Frances Hatch paintings

Akiko Hirai ceramics

Petter Southall furniture

Saturday 24 June to Sunday 3 September 2017


A sample of pieces by the artists are shown below.  Please let us know (t: 01308 459511 or e: gallery@sladersyard.co.uk )  if you would like a notification when the works for the show go up online or if you interested to come to the opening or any of the events and talks the artists will be giving.


Frances Hatch Drizzled Moon  acrylic and local materials on unstretched canvas made on location at Cogden, Chesil Beach, Dorset  31 x 31 cm

Wild Horse 11 Charcoal and wash on canvas w113 x l128cms

Clare Trenchard  Wild Horse 11  charcoal and wash on canvas  128 x 113 cm

AH1_Moon Jar 1

Akiko Hirai  Moon Jar 1


Frances Hatch: painting the sunset and moonrise

Saturday 8 July 6.30pm

Simple buffet supper and talk from Frances Hatch followed by a walk down to the end of the pier in West Bay to draw and paint finding and using beach materials.

Booking essential as numbers are limited. Fee: £25. Please phone 01308 459511.

Radical Landscape: Frances Hatch Talk with Elisabeth Bletsoe chaired by Stephen Batty

Friday 21 July 6.30pm

Painter Frances Hatch in conversation with eminent radical landscape poet Elisabeth Bletsoe. Discussion and performance. Chaired by Stephen Batty.

Tickets: £10 or £25 with buffet dinner to follow. Please phone 01308 459511 to book.

Sladers Yard’s festival of art, poetry and music continues from 24 June.

View events


Frances Hatch  Ripe Wilding Moon  beach material, collage and acrylic on unstretched canvas made at West Bexington, Dorset August 2016  30 x 26 cm

Warty. collage and wash on canvas. w128 x 110cms

Clare Trenchard  Warty  collage and wash on canvas  110 x 128 cm

AH2_Moon Jar 2

Akiko Hirai  Moon Jar 2



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