Painting walk with Frances Hatch 8 July

Frances Hatch’s Dusk Walk: painting the sunset and moonrise

Saturday 8 July 6.30pm

Simple buffet supper and informal discussion around the table with Frances Hatch followed by a short walk down to the end of the pier in West Bay with painting equipment to respond to the end of the day in colour and line.

Booking essential as numbers are limited. Fee: £25. Please phone 01308 459511.

SUGGESTED APPROACH for participating artists.
No torch or head-lamp!
We will allow eyes to become accustomed to the dusk and hopefully will continue to work in to darkness.
* Artists may well have little idea of what they have done at the end of the evening!
1. A board (of a size easy to carry!) with 4 small-ish pieces of paper taped on with masking tape all around.
2. A small pot of water.
3. One brush.
4. Water-based medium of choice (watercolours or a few tubes of gouache).
5. Pastels / graphite / water-soluble pencils.
6. Sketchbook if you wish.
7. A stool / garden kneeling mat if necessary for comfort.
The important thing is to come with as little as possible and open to whatever weather occurs.  Paper needs to be taped all around securely in case of breeze… also if we have a shower we can turn our board round to prevent the image running off! We will work for as long as we wish beyond the sunset and into the dusk.  Frances aims to be on site until 10pm.
For those who wish to share experiences, bring your work along to show Frances in the Café on Sunday 9th at 11am for coffee and chat.

Frances Hatch Drizzled Moon

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Tickets: £10 or £25 with buffet dinner to follow. Please phone 01308 459511 to book.