From Dorset

From Dorset with Love

Recent paintings by Julian BaileyMartyn BrewsterVanessa GardinerAnthony Garratt,  Frances Hatch and Alex Lowery, sculpture by Clare Trenchard, woodcarvings by David West.

Petter Southall FurniturePod and Wave

Open now online. Open to visit from Wednesday 17 June until Sunday 12 July 2020 

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Julian Bailey Leaving Ridge oil 36 x 34 inchesn 91.5 x 86cm £9,000
Alex Lowery West Bay 312 40 x 90 cm £3,250
Vanessa Gardiner Headlands 51 x 91 cm £4,000
Anthony Garratt Fret 150 x 120 cm £5,250
Martyn Brewster Evening Coast No.3 90 x 90 cm £6,000
Frances Hatch Evening Exchange, Dungy Head, Lulworth 111 x 150 cm £4,500

The Pod Garden Room, a steam-bent eco-pod with space for a double bed, desk, log burner and chair, available now ready to be finished and installed exactly as you want it. More info…

Petter Southall The Wave steam-bent pavilion 
Petter Southall Fireside Chair in solid English oak £4,750
Clare Trenchard bronze or bronze resin tabletop dogs £1,100 in bronze, £350 in bronze resin.
David West Low Tide in carved and painted spalted birch 22 x 79 cm £3,000

At a time when many of us have had to stop and look, it seems there has never been a more beautiful spring unfolding outside. The sunsets and moonrises over flourishing gardens and empty beaches have done all they can to distract us. Whether we can get to them or not, knowing they are there does give a deep comfort and reassurance. 

This is an exhibition of painters who have spent their lives celebrating the wonders of the landscape, communicating through their paintings the deep effect these much-loved places have upon us all.  Each artist has a particular way of seeing and of painting, and these painters and sculptors are widely diverse, yet each one evokes memories or observations we recognise with a flash and never want to lose.

Whether it is the eroded texture in a particular patch of colour on a Vanessa Gardiner painting that transports us to a glorious coastal ravine, or the luscious brush strokes of impasto oil in one of Julian Bailey’s paintings, the paint itself is a joy in all these works. Martyn Brewster’s compelling translucent abstractions draw us into his lyrical world in the direct wordless way of great music. Just as Alex Lowery’s compositions bring together harmonies, rhythms and chords in silent visual symphonies that never fail to engage your eye. Anthony Garratt’s work is full of music and the sounds of nature conveyed through colour, texture and brushstroke. Whereas Frances Hatch’s mixed media renditions of place are created from materials gathered and applied there in the spirit of the moment when freedom and play coincide with a lifetime’s skill and artistry.

Working in three dimensions, David West is fascinated by the patterns in nature which he conveys by carving, painting and sometimes gilding wood. Petter Southall makes furniture with lines that please the eye as well as the hand, giving comfort and strength with texture and pleasure. Clare Trenchard’s bronze/bronze resin animals breathe with that mischievous life and energy that makes us love them so much.

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