Gabriele Koch recent ceramics

Gabriele Koch

recent ceramics

19 September – 8 November 2020

Simon Quadrat recent paintings

Petter Southall furniture

‘Earth, water, air and fire. Gabriele Koch’s lovely pots speak of all four of those elements as vividly as any I know.’ Sir David Attenborough

‘These  pots exhibit such tremendous “presence” that one can sense the tension created, as if the walls are being stretched by the force of containment.’ Peter Lane, Ceramic Review 

White Standing Form, porcelain lines H57cm

Gabriele Koch’s ceramics exude a compelling quietude. Edmund de Waal described them as ‘articulate: they are wide in reach and deeply focussed.’  In his monograph, Gabriele Koch Hand building and smoke firing published in2009,Tony Birks wrote, ‘There is something that lies beyond skill and experience: it is passion, an intensity which is evident in the work of Gabriele Koch.’ 

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