Of Myths and Moons: Frances Hatch, Akiko Hirai, Clare Trenchard 24 June – 3 September 2017

Of Myths and Moons

Clare Trenchard sculpture and drawings

Frances Hatch paintings

Akiko Hirai ceramics

Petter Southall furniture

Saturday 24 June to Sunday 3 September 2017

This summer we bring together the life and energy of Clare Trenchard’s sculpture and drawings with Frances Hatch’s atmospheric moonlit landscapes, the ethereally beautiful ceramics of Akiko Hirai and Petter Southall’s dreamy furniture.

Clare Trenchard  Wild Horse II  charcoal and wash on canvas ht 128 x 113 cm  £3000

Clare Trenchard Wild Horse II charcoal and wash on canvas ht 128 x 113 cm

Frances Hatch 3 Mackerel Moon  made on location at West Bexington  site materials and acrylic on unstretched canvas  September 2016  58 x 88 cm  £2300

Frances Hatch 3. Mackerel Moon 58 x 88 cm

Akiko Hirai AKH 3 White Full Moon Jar dia 38 h 42 cm £2200

AKH 3 Full Moon Jar

Each artist’s work is available to view online on their page and may be bought now. To enquire about the exhibition of any of the artworks please contact Sladers Yard (t: 01308 459511 or e: gallery@sladersyard.co.uk ). To view the work please follow the links to the artists’ pages:  Clare Trenchard, Frances Hatch, Akiko Hirai, Petter Southall.

Evening events during the show are listed below and can be viewed here.

Clare Trenchard studied sculpture at Chelsea School of Art and now lives and works near Bridport in Dorset.  Her sculptures are modelled mainly from life in clay, plaster or wax and cast in bronze or bronze resin. She makes large dynamic drawings and collages on canvas as well as smaller drawings and paintings on paper.

Clare Trenchard  Warty Hog edition of 12  ht 96 x 155 x 36 cm  bronze resin £3850  bronze £16500

Clare Trenchard Warty Hog ht 96 x 155 x 36 cm bronze resin or bronze

Clare Trenchard’s animals, whether in sculpture or on paper, capture the essence and feel of their subject. Dogs, goats, ostriches, horses and wolves, all exude such character and purpose that one instinctively reacts as if they were real. With her Haremen however she takes a step further, tapping into a kind of mythic life force, powerful, sexy and jubilant. This show also includes her diary-like sketchbook drawings of people asleep on trains, people waiting in the oncology department. With this major exhibition, Clare is reaching her full confidence, daring to challenge and delight.

Catalogue cover

Myth, a 32 page booklet about Clare Trenchard’s work, is published to accompany the exhibition. Full colour throughout. Foreword by Anna Powell, Sladers Yard Director. Available now at £10 plus £1.50 p&p.

Frances Hatch says the moon has ‘called me out to paint as it rises and sets all along the Chesil over this last year.’ In this show she offers moonlight mixed with the earths of each place where she has painted creating an extraordinarily intense and beautiful body of work.

Frances Hatch 1 Lyme-Light Moon  Hive beach  site materials and acrylic on paper  2017  79 x 103 cm  £2300

Frances Hatch 1. Lyme-Light Moon 79 x 103 cm

Frances Hatch paints en plein air armed simply with paper and a portable toolkit containing some gouache, water colour or acrylic paint and a binding medium for the rocks and material she finds in the environment around her.  Frances Hatch studied visual art at Cambridge, Aberystwyth and Goldsmiths and has an MA in printmaking from Wimbledon College of Art. Her work has been won prizes, awards and accolades particularly recently. This collection is some of her strongest work yet.

Chesil Moons cover

The booklet Chesil Moons by Frances Hatch with a foreword by Steve Batty and an original poem by radical landscape poet Elisabeth Bletsoe, is inspired by the Chesil Beach, its moons, tides and sea kale.

32 pages, full colour throughout. £9 plus £1.50 p&p. Available from Sladers Yard.

Akiko Hirai came to the UK from Japan to study first at the University of Westminster then at Central St. Martins. She now practises her ceramic art in Stoke Newington, London. From the start she has been heralded as a unique talent.  Her intensely handmade tableware has the purity of salt.  Deeply textured, glazed in soft white, matt black and natural colours, her forms are those of workware, simple and satisfying.

Akiko Hirai is interested in the interaction between the viewer and the object. She chooses very rough dark clay using the Japanese tradition of allowing the clay to show how it wants to be fired itself. Sometimes it is glazed in white, forming a veil between the rough forms underneath and the smooth calm of the exterior. Her range is extensive. Fine pieces of porcelain join Moon Jars and deeply glazed platters. Images and details to follow.  Let us know if you would like a notification when Akiko’s new work becomes available to view online.

Akiko Hirai Dry Kohiki Orange Cereal Bowls

Akiko Hirai Dry Kohiki Orange bowls


Frances Hatch: painting the sunset and moonrise

Saturday 8 July 6.30pm

Simple buffet supper and informal discussion around the table with Frances Hatch followed by a short walk down to the end of the pier in West Bay with painting equipment to respond to the end of the day in colour and line.  Read more…

Booking essential as numbers are limited. Fee: £25. Please phone 01308 459511.

Frances Hatch 15 Drizzled Moon  Cogden Chesil  made on location at the National Trust car park, Cogden  2016  acrylic and site material on unstretched canvas  31 x 31 cm  £550

Frances Hatch 15. Drizzled Moon 31 x 31 cm

Radical Landscape: Frances Hatch Talk with Elisabeth Bletsoe chaired by Stephen Batty

Friday 21 July 6.30pm

Painter Frances Hatch in conversation with eminent radical landscape poet Elisabeth Bletsoe. During the evening Elisabeth will present the first performance of her new poem ‘Garden of The Halmyrides’.

Frances and Elisabeth have collaborated to make a new collection of artwork and poetry in celebration of the Chesil, its moons and sea kale (Halmyrides).  Frances’s paintings will show at Sladers Yard from 24 June until 3 September. Their responses have been collected in a booklet  entitled Chesil Moons to accompany the exhibition.

Chaired by Stephen Batty.

Tickets: £10 or £25 with buffet dinner to follow.
Please phone 01308 459511 to book.
Clare Trenchard  Wolf I, II, III, IV and V not shown each edition of 12  ht 80 x 140 x 25 cm  bronze resin £3850  bronze £16500

Wolf Pack each Wolf ht 80 x 140 x 25 cm bronze resin or bronze

Clare Trenchard Talk

Friday 4 August 6.30pm

A light-hearted talk about Clare’s work, her sculpture and drawing as well as teaching.  The inspiration, the techniques and the boldness that it takes to make really good work. More…

Tickets: £10 or £25 with buffet dinner to follow.

Please phone 01308 459511 to book.

View events

View paintings by Frances Hatch here

View sculpture and drawings by Clare Trenchard here

Information about Akiko Hirai here (Her ceramics will be available to view shortly)

View furniture by Petter Southall here

Overview of events here

Please phone 01308 459511 or email gallery@sladersyard.co.uk with any enquiries or bookings.

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