James Crowden Remembrance Sunday

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The Language of War

Boer Cover 3 webIn this new and experimental work, the poet and historian James Crowden unravels the story of the Boer War through the language of those who were there at the time. Gold and diamond mines, Conan Doyle, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill and Van Gogh’s youngest brother.

The Boer War was at times colourful and cosmopolitan. Boer leaders such as Cronje, de Wet, Botha, de La Rey and Smuts became household names. Fighting alongside them were Irish, French, German, American, Italian, Dutch and Russian Commandos. It was a bit like the Spanish Civil War. Kimberley, Ladysmith and Mafeking were besieged for months on end. The Boer War was the first war of the 20th century fought with modern weapons and it is vital to understand its undercurrents before turning one’s sights on the First World War.

There was great bravery and courage on both sides but there was also treachery, spies, concentration camps and rampant disease. A war which should never have happened…

“Brilliant! – essential for anyone interested in the Boer War.” – Tim Kendall, University of Exeter.

Sunday 10 November 12 Noon.

Tickets: £10/ £20 with lunch.  Tickets are available from Sladers Yard on 01308 459511 or  Bridport TIC (t: 01308 424901). Please phone Sladers Yard to reserve lunch.

Sponsored by Amanda and Simon Mehigan as part of the Bridport Literary Festival.

James Crowden

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