Janette Kerr 14 May – 2 July

Janette Kerr HRSA PPRWA

A thousand kilometres between – from Shetland to Skagaströnd

14 May – 2 July 2022

Janette Kerr Talk Conversations between Landscapes Friday 17 June 6.30pm Tickets: £12 or £30 with dinner to follow. Recently returned from Greenland, and surrounded by paintings of Iceland and the Shetlands, Janette Kerr will talk about her obsession with cold places and the sublime paintings and drawings of wind and weather in the Far North it inspires. Tickets: phone 01308 459511.

Janette Kerr is an experimental contemporary artist whose work explores the boundaries between what is felt and what is seen in wild windswept places. She paints the weather, sea, light and wind, the more energetic the better, working both outside en plein air and in the studio. Her fascination extends to the people who live and have lived in the places she paints. Moving between abstraction and representation, she carries forward the ideas of the 18th Century Romantic Sublime in paintings that embody terrifying, thrilling confrontations with nature. Read more…

Janette Kerr’s new work is available to view and buy or reserve now. Please contact us on gallery@sladersyard.co.uk / t: 01308 459511 with any enquiries about Janette Kerr’s work.

The Walkers oil on canvas 80 x 120cm

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