Janette Kerr drawings

Janette Kerr Phd HRSA PPRWA

Mixed media drawings

Summer Prints and Drawings Show

17 July – 11 September 2021

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Janette Kerr’s drawings are presented framed apart from her largest drawing, Skerries, which hangs in the gallery unframed. We are happy to advise and assist in having this magnificent work framed. Her latest drawing will hang unframed in the gallery but there is an available frame for it, should that be required. Please contact the gallery on 01308 459511 or gallery@sladersyard.co.uk with any enquiries.

Janette Kerr‘s bold, expressive, exploratory work begins with smaller studies and drawings made outside with the salt in her paint and the sea heaving and crashing around her, the wilder the better. Back in the studio she gathers all these ideas and feelings together, combining them with the energy she captures in her plein airstudies, to create much larger drawings and oil paintings. The powerful works that result combine a Romantic experience of the sublime – both terrifying and thrilling – with exploratory abstraction.

Occupying the hinterland between the representational and the abstract, Janette Kerr’s work is underpinned by exceptional drawing skills and a freedom to combine materials, the solid and translucent, the textured and the smooth. Her studies of the waves have made her see them differently, drawing movement and rhythm of sea and wind, welling and breaking waves, merging of spray with air, advancing rain and mist, shafts of sunlight, peripheries, promontories, exposed headlands, edges and ledges. Janette’s relish for the physical process of drawing and painting can be felt in the dynamic quality of her marks and brushstrokes. 

Janette Kerr has a PhD in Fine Art.  She is an Honorary Royal Scottish Academician, Past President of the Royal West of England Academy of Art and a Visiting Research Fellow, Fine Art, UWE Bristol. She has a long-standing history of showing work, exhibiting regularly across the UK and abroad. Her work is held in national and international collections. She has worked on residencies in Somerset, Wales, Ireland, Shetland (where she now has her own bothy), Norway and Svalbard. She has curated high profile exhibitions and accompanying programmes – with other artists as well as environmentalists, oceanographers, meteorologists and scientists.