Janette Kerr Talk 20 April

Janette Kerr PhD Hon RSA PPRWA

Janette Kerr Talk

Friday 20 April 6.30pm

Tickets: £10 or £25 with dinner to follow.

Janette Kerr will give an illustrated talk about her current solo show NORTH new works from Shetland to Svalbard.

In 2016 Janette Kerr sailed in a tall ship around the coast of Svalbard in the Norwegian High Arctic to experience the vastness of mountains and glaciers appearing and disappearing in flowing mist, the darkness, the cold and the silence, interspersed with the massive crashes of glaciers calving followed, after a pause, by the sea’s dramatic response. The boat sailed on areas of the map marked as solid ice.

Janette Kerr Svalbard

The Arctic work in this exhibition is a response to that experience as she grapples to express the fear and the majesty of the place. Janette’s brushwork is loose and expressive, capturing the essence of constant change in a place where everything is moving and time takes on a different meaning. The exhibition includes five exceptional large drawings in charcoal and mixed media which show Janette to be an extraordinary draughts woman. Her acclaimed oil paintings occupy the area between abstraction and representation and vary in size from 200 cm wide to under 20 cm wide while in Sladers Café a group of watercolour drawings shows an atmospheric light touch.

Janette Kerr Facing the Fury Hurricane Abigail Shetland oil on canvas 150 x 150 cm £poa

Facing the Fury Hurricane Abigail Shetland oil on canvas 150 x 150 cm £poa

The exhibition continues until Bank Holiday Monday 7 May 2018 when it will be open until 4 pm. The works can be viewed here.

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