Janette Kerr

Janette Kerr Hon PPRWA FRSA

Solo show at Sladers Yard Spring 2018

Janette Kerr’s contemporary and experimental paintings of sea and sky off Shetland are the result of a passionate elemental study of wave formation, both through drawing and painting from the rocks right on the edge of the ocean, and through her researchJanette Kerr project, Extreme Wave Theory, in association with Norwegian oceanographers. 

Called ‘the best painter of the sea in these islands’ by Brian Fallon, Chief Critic of the Irish Times, Janette Kerr delights in foul weather. Drawn to the perimeters of land, her work is an index of edges and ledges, exposed headlands and wind-swept seas. ‘My process of making paintings involves extremes and instabilities: peripheries and promontories – places of rapid change and shifts, both physically and meteorologically’. Her relish for the physical process of painting can be felt in the quality of her brushstrokes, described by Fallon as ‘expressionist as an Abstract Expressionist’s; it is dynamic and suggestive and has an organic life of its own.’

Janette Kerr is a Past- President of the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, and a Visiting Research Fellow in Fine Art at the University of the West of England. She exhibits regularly in the UK and has work in private and public collections, both nationally and internationally. She has received Art Council funding for her research and development project, and has won several awards. Kerr has recently been a visiting artist at the Meteorological Institute in Bergen and on the Shetland Islands.

Janette Kerr’s paintings are painted en plein air in the environs of her croft on Shetland, and in Norway and Svalbard where she has been studying wave energy. Please phone 01308 459511 or email gallery@sladersyard.co.uk or reply to this page if you would like to enquire about a painting. Her paintings are shown below. Please click on an image to see it in more detail and with captions.

Janette Kerr  Radiance  oil on canvas  115 x 115 cm

Janette Kerr Radiance 115 x 115 cm SOLD


5 Responses to Janette Kerr

  1. Nora buttimer says:

    Love your work Janette I paint the aquatic theme myself mostly the sea

  2. Pam pope says:

    Love your radiance painting what is the price please?

  3. lisa says:

    Just been introduced to your work.
    Love……especially the green wave painting

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