Julian Bailey and Richard Batterham from 6 June

Julian Bailey paintings  

Richard Batterham ceramics

Petter Southall furniture

At the Waterfront

6 June to 19 July 2015

Bringing together three dedicated and gifted artists, this exhibition celebrates strong lines and clarity of execution coupled with the perfectly simplified gesture, stroke or detail, with which all three distinguish their work whether in paintings, ceramics or furniture. Each  allows subtleties in their work to speak out with the use of gentle colours, curves and textures to create powerfully attractive and desirable pieces.

Julian Bailey  2. Two Yachts off Ringstead  oil on board  42 x 45in 107 x 114.5cm  £16000The exhibition includes sixty fabulous paintings by Julian Bailey including oils and drawings with pastel and gouache.

A fully illustrated 40pp catalogue with a foreword by Vivienne Light is available at £10 plus £2 p&p within the UK or to download free here:  Julian Bailey for web.

‘Whole, true to themselves, emotionally rich and seemingly spontaneous…

‘Bailey’s paintings belong to a world of which he is himself very much a part. His art has the power to strike a rich chord; the ability to evoke the full choreography of life in all its timbre and cadence, light and joy.

‘This is a deeply engaged and deeply engaging painter who has achieved what he set out achieve, namely a truly viable language in paint.’

Extracts from Vivienne Light FRSA’s foreword to the catalogue for this exhibition.

View Julian Bailey’s paintings here.

Richard Batterham

Richard Batterham #13-3

Potter Richard Batterham is probably this country’s leading maker of domestic stoneware. He has been firing his pots at his Dorset pottery since the sixties. Some pots, he says, ‘call out to me that they are really good ones’ and those are most of the pots we have in this show. As a lot of the pots had sold, we have added 28 new pots from Richard’s latest firing. Photographs of all the pots in the show can be seen here. Please call 01308 459511 or email gallery@sladersyard.co.uk if you would like to enquire about any of Richard Batterham’s work.

 Petter Southall

Petter Southall Dove carver web

‘A range of furniture exquisite in its simplicity’  – Paul Atterbury, ‘Antiques of the Future’, BBC Homes & Antiques

2 Responses to Julian Bailey and Richard Batterham from 6 June

  1. Jane Alway says:

    Hello, We really like the look of some of these paintings. Is there a price list please?

    Thank you.


    • Sladers Yard says:

      Hi Jane, Thanks so much for your interest.
      If you click on any of the pictures you like, they should appear larger and with prices and size etc. Then you can look through them as a slide show. If you have any difficulties with this, let me know and I will email you a price list. Many thanks, Anna Powell

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