Norway Seafood Dinner

Bridport Food Festival logoGourmet Norwegian Seafood Dinner

Friday, 14 June 7pm

Following the hugely popular Norway evenings last September, the Nordics are back!  This time charismatic father and son Ingebret and Øystein Mojord will cook and present a very special Norwegian gourmet seafood dinner to celebrate Bridport Food Festival.  Book your table now and let them take you North…

Tickets: £40 to include all food including a glass of wine.

Wine and full bar will be available.

Ingebret & Oystein Mojord

Ingebret Mojord is a leading optometrist who runs a large practice in Norway and lectures nationally and internationally on contact lenses and eye diseases. In his spare time he loves to cook – for large parties and small – always experimenting and trying something new and delicious. Last spring he took a three-month sabbatical to work in Petter Southall’s furniture workshop. In the evenings he helped us at Sladers Yard and became a valued part of the team. Last September he came back to cook memorable Norwegian dinners on two consecutive nights with Ann Kristin Mosth Wang to accompany the pianist Aksel Kolstad. In June he returns with his son Øystein, a trained chef, to make a very special dinner to celebrate Bridport Food Festival. Will you come and join us?

Ingebret: As a boy I had almost no contact with cookbooks, kitchen knives, the sink or the oven. I bought my first cookbook when studying optometry – but was living in an outbuilding with no kitchen or facilities for making food. When I started work I got my first kitchen, met good friends who loved to cook and have never stopped cooking after that.

Øystein: I grew up in a home where the enjoyment of food was an important part of the family. I developed a sincere interest in food and therefore becoming a chef was an easy choice for me. I have been lucky to meet many inspiring foodies who have taught me much about cooking and kitchen life. As a Norwegian, I love simple, natural and well-prepared food made with true passion.

I trained as a chef in Fredrikstad, the city I grew up in, and then did a two-year apprenticeship at Kampen Bistro in Oslo.  One inspiring summer I worked in a restaurant on an island in the north of Norway collecting fresh oysters and other seafood straight from the sea.  Since then I have cooked in events and restaurants from London to Melbourne appreciating the influences and people I have met.  After obtaining a business degree in The Hague, The Netherlands, I came to London with the dream of starting my own company, Chef & Young. Chef & Young is a belief, attitude and lifestyle for young-at-heart chefs. The company is currently in its development stage. Cooking special food is a pleasure for me and I hope to show you how we Norwegians would present your beautiful Dorset seafood and locally sourced fruit and vegetables.

Praise for Ingebret’s Norway dinners last September:

‘An evening of rare excellence, of tremendous attention to detail, of outstanding Norwegian food and all given with warmth and humour and exuberance…’ Caroline A, Dorchester

‘I wish I could eat like that all the time…’ Kate H, Bridport

‘A very fun evening at Sladers, really enjoyed dinner and pleased I did not get too involved with the aquavit…’ Michael L, London

‘So delicious, I loved all those tastes and Sladers looked marvellous’ Alexandra C, London

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