RADIANCE until 26 February 2017


explorations of light 

until Sunday 26 February 2017

Daisy Cook  Luke Elwes  Michael Bennallack Hart  Stephen Jacobson  Janette Kerr  Alex Lowery  

Emma Stibbon RA intaglio prints (until 22 Jan)

Amanda Wallwork paintings (from 24 January)

David West wood carvings

Petter Southall furniture

Never does light seem more vital than when the nights draw in and the clouds gather.  The artists in this exhibition celebrate and explore light in its many forms.  Radiance can be subtle. It can be moonlight on snow or reflected on water, refracted and diffused in mist, churned up in waves. It can be sunrise and sunset, sea light and wide open land light, rainbows and light effects.  We live with these miracles of nature every day but in this show they are caught, transformed and re-presented to our perceptions.


Amanda Wallwork  Deep Time 4   40 x 50 cm

From 24 January we are delighted to introduce the oil and plaster paintings of Amanda Wallwork whose rich earth colours and archaeologically inspired markings bring an awareness of deep history and ancient dawns. Amanda is a highly respected artist whose practice centres on a series of research projects specifically concerned with the archaeology and geology of place. Underpinning all her work is extensive research, including dialogue with earth scientists and investigative walking. She is interested in how and why land has been used and shaped, how people move through it, the impact we have and the traces we leave behind.  Read more about Amanda Wallwork…

Daisy Cook  Another Day  76 x 101 cm  oil on canvas £5000

Daisy Cook Another Day 76 x 101 cm

‘Land, sea and sky: those three great elements of our dwelling and of our visual experience, are evoked in Daisy Cook’s work; their interactions patiently witnessed, watched during their processes of transformation. It is good to spend time in the company of these works: they have a particular way of disclosing themselves while light changes, blooms and fades… ‘ Elizabeth Cook, poet, extracted from her foreword to Daisy Cook’s catalogue for her exhibition here in 2015. Read more about Daisy Cook…

Luke Elwes  Flow  2015  91 x 91 cm oil on canvas poa

Luke Elwes Flow oil on canvas 91 x 91 cm

Luke Elwes’s recent work seems to ripple and reflect like the surface of the water he uses to create his work.  Working in layers either with oil on canvas or different media including crayon, watercolour and found materials on paper, Luke Elwes’s gentle mark-making invites one to look into the painting as if it was a pool of water. His recent works on paper are made by allowing the water to run across his work lifting and dissolving the colours and marks in flowing patterns across his paintings. Read more about Luke Elwes…

Mount Etna Pines

Michael Bennallack Hart  Mount Etna Pines  46 x 76 cm

Michael Bennallack Hart’s landscapes draw one in to their compelling atmospheric presence and calm. Unusual contemporary compositions convey a Northern Romantic sense of mood. His landscapes, from Dartmoor to Mont Blanc are caught in moments of superb light effects, moments of wonder. Read more about Michael Bennallack Hart…


Stephen Jacobson After the Rain 45 x 62 cm

Stephen Jacobson’s paintings bring together humour, wonder and a surreal sense of the strange and ordinary. He lives and works in Portishead where the vastness of the skies are a revelation to him and feature frequently in his paintings. Stephen is brother to the writer Howard Jacobson. He became Vice President of the Royal West of England Academy in 2013. Read more about Stephen Jacobson…


Janette Kerr  Radiance – Above and Below  115 x 115 cm SOLD

Called ‘the best painter of the sea in these islands’ by Brian Fallon, Chief Critic of the Irish Times, Janette Kerr delights in foul weather. Her paintings of sea and sky off Shetland are the result of a passionate elemental study of wave formation, both through drawing and painting from boats and rocks right on the edge of the ocean, and through her research
project, Extreme Wave Theory, in association with Norwegian oceanographers. Read more about Janette Kerr RWA RSA Hons…

Alex Lowery  West Bay 289  2016  61 x 148 cm  oil on canvas

Alex Lowery West Bay 289 61 x 148 cm

Alex Lowery, ‘the poet of the Dorset coast’ in the words of art critic Andrew Lambirth, paints cool, distilled evocations of a small number of places on the West Dorset coast conveying a potent atmosphere.  Unpeopled, but full of the evidence of people, these addictive intelligent and intriguing paintings play on the mind long after seeing them. Read more about Alex Lowery…

David West  Night Waves  carved and gilded pine  22 x 110cm  2014  £2700

David West Night Waves gilded wood carving 22 x 110 cm

David West’s extraordinary talents both as a wood carver and as a painter seem to have realised a visionary peacefulness and contemplative quality in his most recent work. Gilded carvings of the moon and of moonlight on the sea first brought back to his own surroundings here in Dorset the mystery and wonder he discovered on the Kumano Kodo, an ancient Buddhist pilgrimage through the forest in Japan, which he visited in 2008. These have lead to a fascination with light on the surface of water in all its many manifestations. Read more about David West…

The paintings in the show are shown below.  Please click on an image to see it in larger scale and with a caption, or hover your mouse over an image to see the caption.  Any enquiries please contact us t: 01308 459511 e: gallery@sladersyard.co.uk or by replying to this page.


Flow by Luke Elwes

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    These do look thought-provoking…love to come


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