Robin Welch ceramics

Robin Welch

Earth and Rock 18 April until 31 May 2015 with Frances Hatch, Jan Walker and Petter Southall.

Robin Welsh 1 Tall blue £2000Robin Welch is a painter and potter, internationally recognized as a unique and interesting artist. He studied Art and Design at Penzance School of Art and worked with Michael Leach, son of Bernard, at St Ives. After National Service in the Parachute Regiment in Jordan and Cyprus he was studying at the Central School of Art in the 50’s when the new abstract expressionist American painters such as Rothko first showed in London, having a profound effect on students and teachers alike. After working in London and in Australia Welch set up his workshop in Suffolk in 1965 where he has worked ever since punctuated by visits, residencies, exhibitions and lecturing in Australia, New Zealand, the US and throughout Europe. We were proud to show his work at Sladers Yard.

Robin Welch 2

Robin Welch The Gilbert Candlesticks Lincoln Cathedral 2Acknowledging the influences of Rothko, Turner and the St Ives School helps to position Robin Welch beyond the normal boundaries of ceramics. His works often contain both thrown and hand-worked elements and are then painted and fired multiple times to build up a depth of surface, texture and colour. These surfaces need to be experienced rather than looked at. They are abstract yet suggestive of place, of horizons and wild expanses, seas and deserts, of sun, stone and sand which may be calm or more energetic in mood or weather. Treading the line between abstraction and representation in his innovative way, Robin Welch’s work both large and small is timeless and truly exceptional.

The pots sold in the show at Sladers Yard are shown below.  Please call 01308 459511 or email to enquire about Robin Welch’s pots. Click on one of the images to see them all enlarged with captions.

Robin Welch The Gilbert Candlesticks Lincoln Cathedral

Two videos about Robin Welch

3 Responses to Robin Welch ceramics

  1. dermot brady says:

    have just visited lincoln cathedral and was absolutely stunned by the sculpted candle holders made by robin welch . if you havent been and are visiting lincoln then dont miss them , they are truly magnificent

  2. Noelle says:

    I have a ‘Robert Welch’ Vase which looks nothing like the ones above. I have written about it and some roses on my blog: I wonder if you can through some light on it, and maybe contact me. Many thanks.

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