Sensory Feast Friday 5 April


Friday 5 April from 6.30pm. Tickets: £25 from Sladers Yard.  Gallery and Cafe open throughout the trail weekend.

Launching the Dorset Visual Arts ‘Moveable Feast’ Art Trail Weekend, the Sensory Feast includes an Artists’ Talk and discussion with painter Paul Jones and furniture designer Petter Southall. Music from the Europa String Choir (see below) and a seafood and vegetarian buffet feast made by Sladers Yard’s award-winning Licensed Cafe.  Phone 01308 459511 to book.

Plan the rest of your trail weekend: Moveable Feast

Art talk and discussion : Paul Jones and Petter Southall

Paul Jones - studio portrait 1This major solo exhibition of Paul Jones’s work includes three groups of new paintings that cohere into a dazzling showcase of the ideas and vision he has built up over the last fifteen years, seeking to explore and re-invent the complexities of coastline, geology and landscape.  Two of the groups, Out of the Blue and Stones, concentrate on the ‘edge’ of landscape, that moment of transition between earth, air and water and the coincidence of a common geology in far apart places.  The third, Cranborne, plays with the intangibilities between memory and observation in well loved places.

petterPetter Bjørn Southall 

Award-winning designer craftsman, Petter Southall has been making his distinctive furniture at his studio outside Bridport since 1991. He started working wood at age 17 learning to build traditional Norwegian boats from the boatbuilders tucked away deep in the fjords of Western Norway.  He has diplomas in boat building, cabinet making and sustainable design and he combines these three skills in his unique furniture.  Petter will talk about where his design ideas spring from and how the deep roots of design thinking from the Vikings to Medieval structures inform his work.

Europa String Choir

2010_05_blue_boar-esc1 esc_at_kubeFormer pupil of the Yehudi Menhuin School, Cathy Stevens played with the English Chamber Orchestra and London Sinfonietta. She has many years of experience as a London session player and is an intuitive improviser. Since the 80’s, Cathy has been involved in free improvisation and group composition, most notably in the renowned free-improv ensemble “Steve Harris – Zaum”. More recently, Cathy has worked in “The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists” and together with Udo, is a member of “Frozen Orchestras of Lost Sound”, a collaboration in Music & Art.

Originally from West Berlin, Udo Dzierzanowski has a grounding in experimental music & alternative rock. He worked with a number of bands & musicians internationally, including “The League of Crafty Guitarists” and more recently “The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists”.

Udo and Cathy were both members of “Steve Harris – Zaum”, have worked in Robert Fripp’s Guitar Craft & have an ongoing connection with The Guitar Circle of Europe. As Europa String Choir, Cathy & Udo love to explore concise instrumental pieces, featuring memorable melodies & unusual rhythms when composing together.


A Buffet Table of Desserts with Head chef Jackie SpendlowA buffet of seafood and vegetarian kebabs cooked on the griddle with all kinds of interesting and beautiful salads made by Sladers Yard’s award-winning Licensed Cafe and served in a party atmosphere in our comfortable cafe space. Drinks and delicious homemade desserts will be charged separately.

Three C's ash pedestal table by Petter Southall_webThe Exhibition of Petter Southall’s furniture and Paul Jones’s new paintings will be open throughout the weekend with sculpture, craft and accessories by leading British artists, designers and makers.

The cafe will be open 10 am to 5pm throughout the weekend as usual.  The gallery opens 10 am – 5pm on Saturday and 12 – 5pm on Sunday.

12. Towards South Down

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