Sladers Norway Weekend

NORWAY WEEKEND 21, 22, 23 September 


Ann Wang and Ingebret Mojord copyAnn Kristin Møsth Wang and Ingebret Mojord present

New Norwegian Supper Friday 21 and Saturday 22 at £15 a head for main course to precede The Aksel Kolstad Show.

Lunch Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 á la carte with Norwegian Specialities

A chance to sample the very best from Oslo!

Ann Kristin has been an important part of the food scene in Norway for several years. She has written and co-written a number of popular cookbooks, worked for Elle magazine in Norway and runs a successful cafe outside Oslo. Her projects are often based on Norwegian food heritage and she is keen to return to traditional recipes that celebrate the
excellent ingredients available in Norway now.

Passionate chef in his free time, Ingebret Mojord is an internationally eminent optometrist. This Spring he took a three-month sabbatical as an apprentice in Petter Southall’s furniture workshop near Bridport and made three successful pieces.

Phone 01308 459511 to book now for lunch or for The Aksel Kolstad Show with New Norwegian Supper at £33 a head.

See details of The Aksel Kolstad Show

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