Sue Ure ceramics

Sue Ure ceramics

Sue Ure’s finely thrown ceramics are made in porcelain mixed with white stoneware, glazed in her luscious matt colours and high fired, they are dishwasher- and microwave-safe and eminently practical. Affordable and a joy to behold.

Mugs: large 7 x 9 cm £26, petit creme 6.5 x 7cm £21, espresso 7 x 5.5 cm £18
Three sizes of mug

Sue Ure’s ceramics can be seen below and ordered by email or phone 01308 459511.

Sue fell in love with pottery and particularly with throwing when studying for her A levels, fascinated by the tactile sensation of throwing and the ability to make functional objects that could be used and enjoyed on a daily basis.

Shape rather than pattern has always her principal preoccupation and her influences have been very diverse; from the Finnish brand “Arabia” tableware that she grew up with to the Minoan pottery that she was first introduced to by her archaeologist grandmother.

Espresso Jugs £14.95
Espresso jugs

She moved to France in 1994 and her work has been affected by the colours and landscape of her rural environment. As well as developing an ever-evolving range of tableware and vase designs, Sue also works on collections for specific projects. She has worked recently for the Tate, creating a small group of pieces inspired by Matisse’s collages for their major exhibition Matisse; the Cut-Outs. At the moment Sue is working with The Royal Academy, for their forthcoming exhibition of Richard Diebenkorn’s paintings.

The objects she creates provide pleasure; visual, tactile and contemplative.

For prices please click on or hover over an image.

Jugs, tall 750ml £42, large (pint) 600ml £39, small £24, espresso £14.95
Four sizes of Jug
Sue Ure in Workshop
Sue Ure at work in her studio

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