Tom Hammick

Tom Hammick

Waiting for Time

Sea paintings and works on paper

Saturday 10 September to Sunday 30 October 2016

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Tom Hammick Waiting for Time (study) 2016 Oil on canvas 107 x 137 cm 42 1-8 x 54 in

Tom Hammick  Waiting For Time  oil on canvas  107 x 137 cm  42 x 54 in

Autumn 2016, internationally acclaimed artist Tom Hammick filled Sladers Yard with paintings and woodcuts inspired by the Sea.  View the show below.

The sea has been a recurring image throughout Hammick’s work, often as a location of dreams or escape from a world in crisis. In the present exhibition, which includes new paintings and prints alongside a range of works from the past four years, figures, often recognizable as members of the artist’s family, are pictured adrift – inhabiting islands circled by rising seas and erupting volcanoes, or sailing into a wide and empty sea.

Tom Hammick 16. Voyage North 2012 reduction woodcut and hand painting edition 7 of 7 191 x 261 cm 75 x 103 inches POA

Voyage North, 191 x 261 cm, reduction woodcut with hand painting ed.7/7

Hammick’s emotive use of colour in both paintings and woodcuts combine with a dazzling skill with the decorative surface of his large scale woodcuts to create works at once thrilling and edgy. A sense of anxious detachment is due in part to his use of ‘an underswell of magenta that tingles like an after-image beneath the eyelid’, invoking lingering memories of the state between waking and dreams. This device draws upon the influences of contemporary media, inviting comparison to filmic glare or the fizz of screen static. While clearly linked to a Romantic tradition, searching for poetic meaning through the awe-inspiring power of nature, Hammick’s work shares sensibilities with contemporary media from uneasy fictional dystopias to current affairs, fashion, design and architecture.

Tom Hammick 23. Raft  (single sheet)  2012  Reduction woodcut with handpainting edition 3 of 3  120 x 80 cm £3500 exc frame

Raft (single sheet) 120 x 80 cm reduction woodcut with hand painting EV. 3 of 3 SOLD Another print is available in the edition

In a series of Raft woodcuts, a kaleidoscopic geodesic dome sails the ocean on a handmade craft. Evocative of the Back to the Earth movement from Hammick’s childhood in the seventies, and Buckminster Fuller’s environmentally and socially conscious geodesic dome designs, they reflect a lonely search for a simple sustainable way of life. Throughout the exhibition, Hammick portrays a vision of our world at its most fragile, connected to a personal human language of love and loss.

Tom Hammick 4.  Motorhome 2  2014  oil on canvas  143 x 211 cm  56 x 83 inches  POA

Motorhome 2, 143 x 211 cm

After studying History of Art at Manchester University, Hammick became a stonemason working in Dorset with St Blaise Restoration. He went on to study Fine Art at Camberwell School of Art, followed by an MA in Printmaking. His work has been exhibited in London, New York, Canada, Paris and Beijing. He is now a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Painting and Printmaking at the University of Brighton and Visiting Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Ulster and at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University).

Tom Hammick 1. Smoke 2 2014 oil on linen 201 x 150 cm 79 x 59 inches POA

Smoke 2, 201 x 150 cm

Hammick has work in many major public and corporate collections including the British Museum (Collection of Prints and Drawings), Victoria and Albert Museum, Bibliotheque Nationale de France (Collection of Prints and Drawings), Deutsche Bank, Yale Centre for British Art, and The Library of Congress, Washington DC. In 2015, Lund Humphries published a major new monograph on Tom Hammick, with text by Julian Bell. See the book  below and order by contacting Sladers Yard.

Tom Hammick 20. Waiting for Time 2016 edition variable reduction woodcut ev 5 of 10 122 x 163 cm £9000 exc frame

Waiting for Time edition variable reduction woodcut ev 5 of 10 122 x 163 cm

Tom Hammick showed at our i tre Gallery on Pimlico Road but this was Tom Hammick’s first major selling exhibition at Sladers Yard.

Tom Hammick 9. Floating Island  2016  oil on canvas diptych  81 x 122 cm (together) 32 x 48 in (together) £7500

Floating Island, diptych 81 x 122 cm (together)

The works in the show can be viewed below. To enlarge the image and see more details about them, please click on the image. Some of the paintings sold and some of the prints sold out at the show others may still be available.  To enquire about Tom Hammick’s work please contact Sladers Yard on t: 01308 459511 e: Tom Hammick’s prints and etchings are framed with museum quality glass.

Island Studio 3:7

Tom Hammick Island Studio Triptych  edition variable reduction woodcut 182 x 363 cm

To see a video about the making of Island Studio please click here.

To listen to Tom Hammick talking about his work please click here.



Tom Hammick Wall, Window , World

Hardcover book • 144 Pages • Size: 300 x 235 mm • Full colour illustrations throughout £45
Available from Sladers Yard.

Tom Hammick Book.jpgThis is the first book to survey the work of painter and printmaker Tom Hammick (b.1963). It sets Hammick’s art within the context of contemporary debates about painting while relating it to the two-centuries-old Romantic tradition. Julian Bell explores in depth the artist’s working processes, imagery and career to date, arguing that Hammick’s work constitutes one of the richest imaginative achievements in late 20th- and early 21st-century British art.

Informed by the author’s sustained contact with Hammick over many years, illustrated with over 120 carefully selected images, and produced in close collaboration with the artist, Tom Hammick: Wall, Window, World will appeal to the artist’s collectors and wide popular audience, as well as students, art-world professionals and painting enthusiasts. It is available also in a special edition incorporating the three-part colour etching Fallout, created by the artist specially for this publication in an edition of 60.