Winter Show until 24 February 2013


Continues until 24 February 2013


A mixed show by top gallery artists.  Work will be replaced as it sells.

Portland 88 by Alex Lowery, 2012, 46x92cm, oil on linen, £2,800New paintings and woodcuts by seven of the West Country’s finest artists with furniture by Petter Southall and gifts and accessories by top British designer craftspeople in a rolling show which will be replenished as the work sells.

49'ers in the Harbour, Portland by Julian BaileyWe are pleased to bring together some of our most popular gallery artists, including Julian Bailey with new work in gouache to follow his highly successful solo show here this summer.  Julian’s paintings of the coast in all moods express a joyful freedom in the wind and weather.  Shafts of light illuminate a consummate moment in an energetic moving landscape.  Julian lives with his family outside Dorchester.  He exhibits regularly in London’s Cork Street and around the UK.

We introduce Angela Charles who shows now for the first time at Sladers Yard.  Curator at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton, Angela has a strong record of successful solo exhibitions at Sherborne House, Alpha House, Sherborne and the Porthminster Gallery, St Ives. She studied Fine Art Textiles at Goldsmiths College, London and has been painting seriously since her move West in 2001.  Angela Charles’ paintings are inspired predominately by the land and sea between her home in South Somerset and the Dorset Coast. Working on aluminium panels or on smaller wooden boards, she builds up layers of sanded down paint before subjecting the painting to her incisive mark making, reflecting her memory of the place and her feelings whilst there, rather than a direct representation of the landscape.

West Bay 255 2012 35x75cm oil on linenAlex Lowery’s luminous, pared down, poetic paintings find beauty in the utterly contemporary, un-pretty and more generally ignored views of his specific Dorset coastal places, lit and transformed by his own form of intense marine light. West Bay has always played an important part together with Portland, both of which appear in his breath-taking new paintings.  Fresh and clear in vision and composition, with rich and subtle colours, these new works move his work forward to a superb new chapter. More information and available available paintings/drawings.

Since moving from Little Bredy after 25 years, Stewart Jones has spent every spare moment painting.  The ebullient barrister has been a keen collector of contemporary art for many years.  In 2001 he and his wife bought Mas Gouge, a property in the south of France where the likes of Mary Fedden, Julian Trevelyan and many others have stayed and painted.  Inspired by the place, the light and the work that has been produced there in the past, Stewart paints bold experimental graphic pictures of the vineyards, olive groves and lavender fields. Click here to see Stewart Jones’s new paintings.

Howard Phipps is a dedicated craftsman and artist who has been producing poetically composed and immaculately executed woodcuts of the West Country landscape as well as still lives and interiors for many years. He was taught the art at school.  At Cheltenham Art College he learned to paint oils then went on to teach art in a Devon grammar school. His work resonates with that of artists he admires such as Samuel Palmer and Eric Ravilious. He has exhibited widely and illustrated many books including three of his own for the Whittington Press.  His second exhibition at Sladers Yard presents a selection of the limited edition wood engravings he prints himself on an Albion Press dating from 1862. See pictures.

Simon Quadrat is also inspired by the modern British painters of the pre and post war period, as well as by photographs from the period and his own memories of childhood in the fifties in the multi-lingual home of his Jewish immigrant parents. His highly original, distinctive and accomplished paintings fuse all these elements. A leading barrister in Bristol until 2000, Simon taught himself to paint by a lifetime of looking at paintings in public galleries. The result is an exceptional technique which allows his work to range from textured city or seascapes with multiple active figures to  simple and exquisite still lives. See pictures

Alfred Stockham has been an inspiration for numerous well known artists including his great friend, David Inshaw.  His painting technique works the same way as his conversation. Highly attentive, knowledgeable and intelligent, his quietness is punctuated with comments that are utterly memorable, original and usually really funny. When he is painting, he waits and looks at the work until he knows the right mark to make.  His paintings have a contemplative glowing depth of expression.  His compositions are simple yet extraordinarily moving.  A masterful artist, he deserves recognition beyond his devoted following. See Alfred Stockham’s page.

Sladers Yard is the showroom for Petter Southall’s exceptional furniture, for Clare Trenchard’s sculpture and for craft and accessories by other leading designer craftspeople.  The licensed café serves delicious home-cooked food and cakes all day every day.  Look out for our live evening events with supper.  If you would like to join the mailing list please email  or follow the website, twitter or facebook.

Sladers Yard, WestBay, Bridport, Dorset DT6 4EL T: 01308 459511


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