Akiko Hirai – Ceramics

Akiko Hirai

Akiko Hirai’s next exhibition at Sladers Yard will be from 11 May – 30 June 2019.

Please let us know on gallery@sladersyard.co.uk if you would like a notification when Akiko Hirai’s new work becomes available to view and buy online.We can sell over the phone +44 (0)1308 459511 or by email and ship pots to you if you cannot get to Dorset.

Akiko HiraiAkiko Hirai was born in Japan in March 1970. She initially studied cognitive psychology in Japan and obtained her degree before coming to England. She took a degree course in ceramics at the University of Westminster, then went on to graduate from Central St. Martins. She now practises her ceramic art in Stoke Newington, London.

Akiko Hirai AKH 1 Large Moon Jar  dia 46 cm h 43 cm £3500

AKH 1 Large Moon Jar SOLD

Akiko Hirai makes practical ware using the Japanese tradition of allowing the clay to show how it wants to be fired itself. Her work also allows the viewers to find out the language of the objects in their own ways. She focuses on the interaction between objects and viewers. Her unique approach to ceramic work has had much attention and praise and her work is in demand from commissions in England and world-wide.

Akiko Hirai AKH 10 Fossil Plate dia 37 h 5 cm £330

AKH 11 Fossil Plate

From the start she has been heralded as a unique talent.  Her intensely handmade tableware has the purity of salt.  Deeply textured, glazed in soft white, matt black and natural colours, her forms are those of workware, simple and satisfying.  She chooses very rough dark clay and often glazes it with white, which forms a veil between the rough forms underneath and the smooth calm of the exterior. Her range is extensive and fine pieces of porcelain join Moon Jars and deeply glazed platters. 

To enquire about Akiko Hirai’s work, please call us on +44 (0)1308 459511 or email gallery@sladersyard.co.uk

We are happy to ship pots for you if you cannot come here to Dorset.

The following is the documentary from the London Korean Cultural Centre’s Moon Jar exhibition in 2013, Aspheric Light by James Kelly.  Four ceramic artists from the UK took part. Akiko Hirai’s section of the film starts at 13.52.

Please contact Sladers Yard on t: 01308 459511 or email gallery@sladersyard.co.uk if you would like a notification when Akiko Hirai’s pots become available to view online.

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  3. Marie says:

    Akiko cup – what’s the dimensions and price?


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