Clare Trenchard

Clare Trenchard

Next major exhibition of Clare’s work:

Saturday 24 June to Sunday 3 September 2017

Clare Trenchard at work
Clare Trenchard’s unique and powerful sculpture and drawings are always available from  Sladers Yard. Please phone or email if you would like more information or a notification when her new work becomes available to view online.

Clare Trenchard studied sculpture at Chelsea School of Art.  Her sculptures are modelled mainly from life in clay, plaster or wax and cast in bronze or bronze resin.

Clare Trenchard Palio Study 1 5 ft x 4ft charcoal and acrylic wash on canvas 2014

Palio Study I  5ft x 4ft

Clare’s large, bold drawings seem to have been made quickly in charcoal and wash.  There is a sense of drama in the making of the drawing as well as in the subject matter where movement, tension and relaxation are all brilliantly evoked.  Even the very still creature, watching and waiting, has a strong sense of potential movement.

When Clare Trenchard observes the animals she draws and sculpts, she seems to see into their essence, and to be able to express what she calls ‘an awareness of their own splendidness’.  Dogs, wolves, hares, owl, eagle, fox, ram and horse, her creatures are caught in a moment of alertness or movement that brings one up short in an encounter that is pungent, virile, exciting.

Trenchard’s art strips back from mere likeness to find and capture the wildness or life within a beast. Her African animals and her dogs exude personality and joie de vivre.  Only with her hares does she make a more imaginative departure.  Earlier hares have been edgy and raunchy but the current life-size acrobats are exuberant and utterly joyful.

Garden Sculpture

Phone: 01308 459511 or email: to enquire about a Clare Trenchard sculpture. Please hover your mouse over an image for details or click to see an enlarged image with caption.

Smaller Sculptures

2 Responses to Clare Trenchard

  1. irakli says:

    Happy New Year! Great, excellent sculptures! Especially horses! Best, Irakli Makharadze

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