Clare Trenchard

Clare Trenchard

Of Myths and Moons

Saturday 24 June to Sunday 3 September 2017

Clare Trenchard’s new work is shown below and is available to buy now.  Please contact Sladers Yard on 44 (0)1308 459511 or email to enquire about any of her work.

See more about Frances Hatch, Akiko Hirai and Petter Southall, the other artists in the show Of Myths and Moons.


A booklet to accompany the exhibition is available at £10 plus £1.50 p&p.  32 pages in full colour 19.6 x 21 cm. Foreword by Anna Powell, Director of Sladers Yard.

Catalogue cover.jpg

Clare Trenchard Talk

Friday 4 August 6.30pm

While creating and manipulating a maquette in front of the audience, Clare Trenchard will give a talk about her work, both sculpture and drawing as well as teaching.  She will describe the inspiration, the techniques and the boldness that it takes to make really good work, whether two dimensional or three, no doubt with many laughs as well as serious discussion. More…

Tickets: £10 or £25 with buffet dinner to follow.

Please phone 01308 459511 to book.

Clare Trenchard

Clare Trenchard studied sculpture at Chelsea School of Art and now lives and works near Bridport in Dorset.  Her sculptures are modelled mainly from life in clay, plaster or wax and cast in bronze or bronze resin. She makes large dynamic drawings and collages on canvas as well as smaller drawings and paintings on paper.

Clare Trenchard  Wild Horse II  charcoal and wash on canvas ht 128 x 113 cm  £3000

Wild Horse II charcoal and wash on canvas ht 128 x 113 cm



Clare’s large, bold drawings seem to have been made quickly in charcoal and wash.  There is a sense of drama in the making of the drawing as well as in the subject matter where movement, tension and relaxation are all brilliantly evoked.  Even the very still creature, watching and waiting, has a strong sense of potential movement.

Ostrich collage and wash on canvas. w.104.5 x 184cms

Ostrich  collage on canvas  184 x 104 cm

Her animals, whether in sculpture or on paper, capture the essence and feel of their subject. Dogs, goats, ostriches, horses and wolves, all exude such character and purpose that one instinctively reacts as if they were real. With her Haremen however she takes a step further, tapping into a kind of mythic life force, powerful, sexy and jubilant. This show also includes her diary-like sketchbook drawings of people asleep on trains, people waiting in the oncology department. With this major exhibition, Clare is reaching her full confidence, daring to challenge and delight.

Clare Trenchard Haremen edition of 5 ht 190 cm iron resin £4500 (shown) or bronze £16500

Haremen each ht 190 cm iron resin (shown) or bronze

Clare Trenchard’s new sculptures are shown below.  The drawings are in a separate group below that.  Please do click on an image so that it expands and shows its caption.  Then you can look through the images as a slide show.  Any enquiries please call 44 (0)1308 459511 or email


Clare Trenchard  Resting Juggler edition of 12 ht 175 cm (215 cm on plinth)  bronze resin £4100 bronze £16500

Resting Juggler ht 175 cm (215 cm on plinth) bronze resin or bronze

Clare conjuring up the Minstrels' Dog

The artist conjures up the Minstrels’ Dog

Garden Sculpture

Not all Clare’s sculpture will fit in the exhibition at Sladers Yard. Some stock pieces that are available are shown below. Phone: 01308 459511 or email: to enquire about a Clare Trenchard sculpture. Please hover your mouse over an image for details or click to see an enlarged image with caption.

Smaller Sculptures

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  1. irakli says:

    Happy New Year! Great, excellent sculptures! Especially horses! Best, Irakli Makharadze

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