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Moments of Vision

recent paintings with drawings and prints

19 November – 28 January 2023

We are delighted to announce a new exhibition of over 30 recent landscape paintings by David Inshaw, the ultimate living artist of the English and Welsh landscape. 

David Inshaw’s new paintings can be seen below. All his paintings and drawings are signed on the back and presented beautifully framed. The sizes marked below are canvas or paper sizes excluding the frame. The etchings are sold loose or unframed. Each print is signed and marked with edition numbers (in the case of the Cricket Game etchings) or Artist’s Proof (the larger Silbury Hill and Canal etchings). Please contact us on gallery@sladersyard.co.uk with any enquiries.

David Inshaw’s paintings are alive with light effects, trees, birds in flight, bonfires and figures not posing but caught up in their own inner lives.  He paints the things that matter to him, from the planes he loved as a boy living at Biggin Hill to clouds that stop him in his tracks. His landscapes are real places, interpreted through memory and dream in paintings that are both intensely personal and universal in their potency.

‘For Inshaw the past is alive in the present, and he paints both the history of the landscape and the spirit of the place, imbuing his paintings with a kind of accumulated intensity arising from an unusual mixture of the serene and disquieting. The land has witnessed tragedy as well as romance and joy, and Inshaw’s pictures allude to this complexity. His work encapsulates the beauty of occasion, of day-to-day existence heightened by a sense of the mythic potential of ordinary life.’ From Andrew Lambirth’s foreword to the catalogue for this exhibition.

Illustrated poetry book

Into the Long Grass by Alex Martin, Kit Wright, Simon Rae and Neil Rollinson with images by David Inshaw,  paperback, 21 x 15cm, 32pages fully illustrated in black and white and colour published by Top Edge Press at £12 available from Sladers Yard.

In 2021 we showed David’s prints and drawings which can be viewed via the link below and bought through Sladers Yard. View David Inshaw prints and drawings: Dorset and Wiltshire Stories


A fully illustrated 44 page catalogue of the exhibition with foreword by Andrew Lambirth is available at £12 plus £2 p&p.

David Inshaw’s paintings are in oil on canvas unless otherwise specified and are presented beautifully framed. The sizes shown are canvas sizes. Framed sizes are available.

View David Inshaw’s stunning new Giclée prints, which can be ordered by post and many of which are in stock, mounted and wrapped in the gallery. 

‘A great pastoral painter and visionary, that rare kind of artist who appears perhaps once or twice in a generation and illumines the world in a new way.’ Andrew Lambirth Guardian

Another England How David Inshaw changed the Landscape of Art Guardian October 2015

‘His landscapes are haunted. You tap into their strangeness on a sensual level: you can feel it in the mood, in the poise, in the light. It pervades the atmosphere as surely as the smell of dew pervades the dawn. The profoundly familiar is made, at the same time, so alien, so otherworldly. Inshaw belongs to a great tradition of English Romantics: he awakens our perceptions to the possibilities of a miracle. No wonder the first time I saw him he had his head in the clouds.’ Rachel Campbell-Johnston, Art Critic The Times (from her foreword to David Inshaw’s 2013 Sladers Yard solo show catalogue).

From one of David’s collectors on receiving his painting: ‘I am thrilled to have this wonderful work. It resonates with me in its summation of eternal thoughts and dreams. It is a beautiful painting, a poem in oil. In charting his own life experiences through his extraordinary talent David has succeeded in connecting with the lives and thoughts of others who share his passions and interests, and who have watched enthralled as he taken us on the journey of his life. I hope he has many more works to come.’

Called ‘perhaps the greatest living proponent of the English Romantic tradition’ (The Spectator), David Inshaw grew up in Biggin Hill, close to Samuel Palmer’s Shoreham.  He studied at Beckenham School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools, with a six month scholarship to study in Paris, before he started to teach painting and printmaking at the West of England College of Art in Bristol. It was a girlfriend who introduced him to the work of Thomas Hardy, whose way of describing landscape to convey mood, struck a light which has burned in Inshaw’s paintings ever since. 

In 1975, with Peter Blake and five others, he formed the Brotherhood of Ruralists, who devoted themselves to painting subjects drawn from nature and English mythology and literature. Together they exhibited widely in this country and internationally. The following year Inshaw’s most famous painting, The Badminton Game, was exhibited in Bath and Edinburgh and was bought by the Tate Gallery. His work is in the Arts Council Collection, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, the British Council, the British Museum, The Government Art Collection, The Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, Tyne and Wear Museums, Tate and the Wiltshire Museum as well as many of the finest private art collections in this country and overseas.

David Inshaw has seen West Bay and its environs as a place of inspiration since the seventies. His famous Cricket Ground paintings are set at Little Bredy, just up the road. Now his Cricket paintings and a set of ten etchings that follow a day of cricket at Little Bredy have been published in a poetry book Into the Long Grass written by the well-known poets in David Inshaw’s cricket team. In 2007 he showed an extraordinary collection of major West Bay paintings in the then very new Sladers Yard gallery.  His second solo show of paintings here was in 2013, followed by another in 2020. In 2021 we filled the gallery with his etchings and drawings. This current show includes over thirty paintings with three major drawings and a selection of his etchings.

Fully illustrated catalogue from 2020 exhibition Never and Always £10
Fully illustrated catalogue from 2013 exhibition Pyrotechnics £5

Please call 01308 459511 or email gallery@sladersyard.co.uk with any enquiries.

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  5. Caroline prestwich says:

    Do you have any David Inshaw paintings for sale? price & availability. Also are you planning any more exhibitions of his work?


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