Lynne Strover jewellery

Lynne Strover


16 November – 12 January 2020

We are delighted to introduce Lynne Strover’s varied and beautiful jewellery.

Lynne Strover ran one of the UK’s leading provincial British Contemporary Art Galleries, the Lynne Strover Gallery from 1989 until she retired.

‘Through building relationships with artists and master artisans, I have acquired a greater knowledge of art and a deeper understanding of colour and composition,’ she says. She also lives surrounded by a wonderful collection of work by Breon O’Casey, whose jewellery has been an inspiration to Lynne Strover.

All Lynne Strover’s pieces use the best materials and are slowly and individually crafted. Each item is unique. If you would like a notification when Lynne’s work becomes available to view online or an invitation to the opening on 16 November please let us know on