Alex Lowery

Alex Lowery

Igniting Sight

contemporary artists inspired by JMW Turner

new paintings by Fred Cuming RA, Luke Elwes, Vanessa Gardiner, Frances Hatch  Janette Kerr PPRWA RSA Hon  Alex Lowery

furniture by Petter Southall  pottery by Richard Batterham

Saturday 6 July until Sunday 8 September 2019

This summer, while JMW Turner’s painting, ‘Bridport, Dorsetshire,’ is showing at Bridport Museum, we celebrate Turner in Bridport by exploring the ways in which his influence lives on in contemporary landscape painting, particularly in the work of six artists, all of whom to some extent belong in the great descriptive English Romantic tradition which began with Turner’s truly great paintings.

Alex Lowery’s latest paintings are shown below. Please click on an image to see details and price. Please contact us on +44 (0)1308 459511 or email to enquire about any of Alex Lowery’s work. We are pleased to hold stock of his work at all times.

Alex Lowery writes:

If it’s always interesting to observe another artist’s take on a location familiar from one’s own work, it is doubly so when that artist is a truly great painter.  Stylistically of course Turner’s approach is about as different from mine as it could possibly be, with its emphasis on the ‘sublime’, on romanticised drama. In his ‘West Bay’ the toppling heights of east cliff and the surging, rock-riven sea frame an incident of shipping at risk, a tug-of-war between the heaving figures on the beach and the dark toned vessel highlighted by the white foam marvellously breaking against its hull.  

Where he is attracted by the dynamic, the explicit, I am drawn to finding an essence, a kind of unchanging distillation — a stasis however that doesn’t entirely deny drama, albeit one that might be described as off-stage.  Related to Turner’s painting is a beautiful pencil drawing in an 1811 sketch book (now at the Tate).  Drawn from Eype it notates, so to speak, the ‘scenery’ for the spectacle of the more finished piece.   There is a ghostly image of distant Portland separately indicated in the sky.  A few lines serve to evoke a stretch of coast that is instantly, and movingly, recognisable after more than 200 years.

Alex Lowery 2019

The sketches that Alex Lowery refers to can be seen on the Tate website:

Bridport (West Bay) Beach; ?Weymouth and Portland, 1811 JMW Turner:

?Bridport (West Bay), Dorset 1828 JMW Turner:

West Bay 310 35 x 80cm

It is arguable that Lowery’s use of colour, his juxtaposition of solid land, of regular modern manmade buildings or street furniture against his infinite translucent skies have more of the sublime in them than he acknowledges. Daring unexpected combinations feel deeply satisfying. His colours and all aspects of his paintings stem from observation, relating back to the real world as he has seen it. Unpeopled, but full of the evidence of people, these intriguing paintings play in the mind. They are structured to take the eye on an exploratory route around and through the image, using contrasts from foreground to background, rough foliage and the flat planes of buildings to clear sea and sky, the present to the infinite. Taking transitional edgy places and throwing radiant light on them, Alex Lowery’s paintings improvise and abbreviate to find and capture something exceptional.

Alex Lowery portrait

Born 1957 in London, Alex Lowery studied at Bath Academy, Sir John Cass School of Art and the Central School of Art in London. He has painted and shown regularly in Dorset and London since 1994. He exhibitied for many years with Art First in London and has shown at the Estorick Collection and at Browse and Darby. His work is in many distinguished private collections as well as the Dorset County Hospital Art Collection, Great Ormond Street Hospital, St George’s Hospital Tooting and the Fidelity International Art Collection. He lives in Charmouth with the artist Vanessa Gardiner.

West Bay 309 45 x 100 cm

Exhibitions at Sladers Yard:

  • Solo shows 2006, 2009, 2013, 2016, 2018

Alex Lowery’s new paintings are shown below and are available to buy or reserve now. Alex Lowery paints on strong deep canvases made of canvas or linen which are designed to hang tight against the wall and are not framed. To enquire about a painting please phone us on 01308 459511 or email us on

STILL LIGHT and CAST LIGHT, two 16 page booklets of Alex Lowery’s recent solo shows at Sladers Yard, are each available from the gallery at £5 plus £1 p&p. 

3 Responses to Alex Lowery

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  2. Andrew Fursdon says:

    It is due to seeing Alex’s paintings of West Bay that have drawn us to stay ( long overdue ) in Dorset. Glad to see my home town of Teignmouth is also a subject of his paintings. Wonderful!

    • Sladers Yard says:

      So glad to hear that. Looking at Alex’s work helps one to see through his eyes – and how stunning a place this then is! Let me know if you would like to have a look at the Teignmouth painting with a view to buying it…

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