Julian Bailey prints

Julian Bailey

Drypoint prints with hand-painted gouache

Summer Prints and Drawings Group Show

17 July – 12 September 2021

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JULIAN BAILEY is highly acclaimed for his brightly coloured, seemingly effortless paintings and drawings usually of people enjoying themselves on boats and by the sea. Over the last three or four years however, Julian has been working extensively from the model in his studio in Drypoint etching. ‘I am so very excited to be giving a number of these Drypoints their first outing at Sladers Yard this Summer,’ he writes. Julian is showing his new figure work with some prints of more familiar subject matter, handled in the more economical way demanded by the printing technique. 

‘The etchings are made in small groups of twelve usually by me on a hand-turned press. A few I select to be ‘over painted‘ in gouache, making each coloured etching a one-off picture. The greatly simplified line of the diamond tip scoring into the metal plate gives off a beautiful black velvety mark, which is the unique hallmark of Drypoint. This compliments the brilliant quality of the gouache paint to make the special combination that goes into these artworks.’

There is a new book of etchings, called Hold the Pose, to accompany Julian Bailey’s work in this exhibition which is available from the gallery.

Julian Bailey’s new prints are shown below. The sizes shown are the image size. These prints are selling quickly. We will try to keep the website updated so that we show prints that are available to buy. The editions are variable as Julian has hand-coloured some of the prints and left some black and white. Different versions may be available unframed. If you have any enquiries about any of Julian Bailey’s work, please contact the gallery on t: 01308 459511 or email: gallery@sladersyard.co.uk

Please contact us on gallery@sladersyard.co.uk or t: +44 (0)1308 459511 with any enquiries about Julian Bailey’s work. We are happy to ship artworks.