Paul Jones


In the Mind’s Eye

Saturday 30 January – 13 March 2021

Paul Jones has built up a unique language of form, colour and texture to explore the complexities of coastline, geology and landscape. Abstracted, filtered by his eye and mind, his paintings are textured, beautiful celebrations of both the micro and the macro.  He is fascinated by the transition between earth, air and water found at the margins of land and sea, by rock formations and the marks made by man. He paints places that have been loved by humans for hundreds if not thousands of years, bringing memory and fresh insight together in striking compositions.

Paul Jones’s available paintings are shown below. All paintings are in acrylic and mixed media on board or canvas board and flush-framed. Please contact Sladers Yard on or t: 01308 459511 with any enquiries. The paintings are available to buy now and can be shipped to you.

Paul’s technique of burning and stressing his paint creates exceptional textures bringing his understanding of ceramic into the painting process.  He puts down layers of colour and sometimes sets light to the acrylic paint.  He is then able to control and move it around to achieve the finish he wants.  This may be rough and rock-like or, if he allows the paint to blister and burst, it reveals the colours underneath. Once the paint is dry he can cut into it with sandpaper or continue to work up more layers.

Paul Jones - studio portrait 1

Paul Jones was a scholarship student at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, where Adrian Heath, Robyn Denny and Howard Hodgkin were his tutors. After achieving his NDD he taught Art and Ceramics at Bournville Grammar School and in 1969 was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. His first major exhibition was in 1979 since when he has continued to exhibit regularly. His work is held in both private and corporate collections. His second book, Overview, brings together many of his paintings, drawings and poetry from the last four decades.

‘Paul Jones is at his best as an artist when he looks underneath the surface of place; or down onto it as if in a kind of static flight.  In doing so he relinquishes formulaic description for an earthy and sometimes even mystical symbolism: a gathering of magnetic shapes and eroded surfaces in a neo-romantic assemblage.  These places seem to evince the pull of geographic as well as philosophic forces, as if a place is compounded of its ancient pasts, stratified by deep time.  Jones will magnify a gleaming micaceous chip into a landscape of its own; or hover alongside a cliff face and find abstract pattern from massive rock formations.  This is an art respectful of the geography of remarkable places, often at the edge of cliff and sea, windswept in its mood. Its place is within a British neo-romantic tradition of painting, as its best when it hovers between representation and abstraction.’  Professor Simon Olding, University College for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

‘Overview’ by Paul Jones is a signed hardback with 149 full colour paintings, 20 drawings, 20 poems and a comprehensive text. The special exhibition price is £25.00 reduced from £35.00

If you would like to reserve or buy one of Paul Jones’s paintings, or a book, please email or phone 01308 459511.

4 Responses to Paul Jones

  1. Absolutely love this, wish I could see it on the walls… May have to buy a book…

    • Sladers Yard says:

      Of course! If you can phone me at the gallery Weds – Sat 10 – 4pm, I take payment over the phone and send you a copy. Should you not buy a painting?! All best wishes, Anna

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