Gabriele Koch ceramics 14 May -2 July 2022

Gabriele Koch

recent ceramics

14 May – 2 July 2022


We are delighted to present an exhibition of recent work by the eminent ceramicist Gabriele Koch.

Widely revered as a consummate artist in clay, Gabriele Koch’s ceramics are admired by collectors worldwide. Her search has always been for simplicity, restraint and beauty in her work. Recently she has been exploring new techniques and materials, finding ways to combine heavy black clay with white porcelain and working with texture and pale slips over dark clay to create new pieces that exude a compelling quietude. Read more and view the work…

Gabriele Koch’s new work is now available to view online and buy or reserve. Please contact us on with any enquiries.

Gabriele Koch 3. Dreaming Vessel H30cm

Read more and view the work…