Anthony Garratt from 26 January 2019

Anthony Garratt


Paintings by Anthony Garratt. Gilded wood carvings by David West. Furniture by Petter Southall.

Saturday 26 January to Sunday 10 March 2019

Anthony Garratt’s new paintings are available to view below.  To enquire about a painting please phone Sladers Yard on 01308 459511 or email

A Water Poem 120 x 120 cm mixed media on canvas £4,200

Anthony Garratt

Anthony Garratt is an experimental painter of landscape. His paintings of Dartmoor and the Devon coast in this exhibition show his love of running and tidal water with the landscape. Since he and his young family moved to Dartmoor, Anthony’s engagement with this wild landscape and its long history speaks in these dynamic paintings.  

Working outdoors, he is at the mercy of the elements which are liable to wash away his paint and radically change his painting, however this is part of the story of the piece of work for him. As Mary Myers put it in Country Life, ‘Anthony Garratt has taken en plein air painting to a new extreme.  Happiest when the weather is wild, he regards the unpredictable effects of the elements as central to his work.’ Increasingly he is exploring the human, both political and emotional, within the landscapes he paints, alongside the nature of the paint itself. In Dartmoor, as on Snowdon, there is much evidence of abandoned human efforts and these draw Garratt’s fascination. He is interested in landscapes that emphasise the vulnerability of man. ‘Perhaps I regard adversity as a form of beauty, there is beauty in the knowledge that humans are not all powerful and in control of the planet. We are at the mercy of it. If my paintings are able to communicate that beauty, perhaps that is what I am striving for.’

Born in Sevenoaks, Kent, Anthony Garratt studied at Chelsea College of Art and Falmouth College of Arts for a design degree. Having worked as a designer for a few years in London, he was able to take up painting full time following two successful solo shows. He is an artist member of the Royal West of England Academy where he has regularly exhibited. He has also shown work at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Royal College of Arts Henry Moore Gallery having featured on a BBC2 art series.

In 2012, Anthony was invited by BBC1 to paint the Diamond Jubilee Pageant from the Millennium Bridge. His work was selected for a billboard at Regent’s Park tube station during October 2012. In September 2014, Anthony Garratt was commissioned to create four vast, impressive outdoor paintings installed on the island of Tresco, Scilly Isles. These remained on site for three months. Following the success of this commission, a further project was funded called HIGH AND LOW – a spectacular outdoor painting installation in Snowdonia, Wales. Two giant paintings, one floating on a lake high on the flanks of Snowdon at Llyn Llydaw, and one deep beneath the mountains in a cavern in the Llechwedd slate mine. This commission was featured on BBC1 Countryfile and received much press attention.

Since September 2015, Anthony has been a tutor at the Newlyn School of Art, Cornwall, which he continues to do today. In London he shows at the Thackeray Gallery. This is his second show at Sladers Yard.

Anthony Garratt’s most recent paintings may be viewed below. To view them on a black background without prices please click on any image. The works are now available to buy or reserve. To enquire about a painting please contact us on t: 01308 459511 or email

3 Responses to Anthony Garratt from 26 January 2019

  1. matt lessimore says:

    love them.. all of them.. wonderful stuff !

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