Pam Zinnemann-Hope: Foothold book launch performance Thursday 12 October


Book Launch

Pam Zinnemann-Hope: Foothold

Poetry book launch reading with music by Andrew Hurst

Thursday 12 October 8pm

Tickets: £6.50 or £21.50 with buffet dinner from 6.30pm

Please call 01308 459511 to book your tickets.

Copies of Foothold will be available at a discounted price for Pam to sign.

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Image by Liz Somerville

Foothold is a new departure for Pam Zinnemann-Hope. Beginning and ending with snow, the poems move through the seasons in West Dorset in celebration of the landscape while recording its ecology in a changing climate. There are poems which explore deep time and the tiny place we humans occupy in earth’s history, also poems treating of music, (the poet’s husband is a composer), of love in old age & of love for a young grandson.

Some of the poems have won significant prizes and been performed at King’s Place, London, Max Gate, Strokestown Poetry Festival et al.

Four of the poems have been set by composer David Dubery, of which ‘Visit’ was premiered by tenor James Gilchrist in Gloucester Cathedral.

‘Brim’ has been set by the poet’s husband, Peter Hope, & will be premiered in Manchester on October 22.

Pam Zinnemann-Hope – poet

Pam Zinnemann-Hope is a prize-winning poet, children’s author and playwright. Her poems have been published in many pamphlets, anthologies and magazines and she has been a poetry reader on BBC Radio 3. She has held a number of residencies and runs poetry seminars and workshops.

On Cigarette Papers, Pam Zinnemann-Hope’s first collection, was shortlisted for the Seamus Heaney Centre Prize & adapted by her for The Afternoon Play on BBC Radio 4, in which she also acted, alongside Eleanor Bron, Greg Wise, Emma Fielding et al.

Her first full-length poetry publication, it was described by Paul Hyland as ‘the book Pam Zinnemann-Hope was born to write’. Its dramatic love story is spoken in the voices of its seven characters – six members of her family, now dead, and her own voice. The story begins with the discovery of ‘fifty pencilled recipes / on cigarette papers, in Russian’. It ranges across Europe, from Hitler’s Germany through imprisonment in the Stalin Purges to England where her parents were imprisoned on the Isle of Mann as ‘Enemy Aliens’. It ends in 1995.

Praise for On Cigarette Papers

On Cigarette Papers is one of my favourites of the year. Since its launch in March, my copy has moved itself from room to room around the house. The first time I read it in one sitting – cover to cover. A friend came over just to let my dog out for five minutes, and ended up reading it from start to finish – it’s that compelling. I’ve had several other visitors do the same. Zinnemann-Hope nets you from the very first page:

If you look into the icicle,
into the transparent world of ice
and the water melting on its surface,
perhaps you can see a story.’

Abigail Morley, Newbooks Magazine


‘painfully honest and finely written.’

Fiona Waters


‘The poems in this book are sensuously and cannily written in idiosyncratic, sometimes fractured, voices.’

Paul Hyland


‘In language that is exact and without adornment, these carefully crafted poems are utterly believable and compelling.’ 

Jeni Couzyn


‘A very moving reading kept people in their seats quite a while after the readers left the hall – a real tribute as well as the applause.’

Nadine Brummer

Thursday 12 October 8pm. Tickets: £6.50 or £21.50 with a buffet dinner from 6.30pm.

Please call 01308 459511 to book.


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